Tuning Into Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence or (EQ) is what some may consider as, how you manage social situations and normal interactions with people on a day to day basis. Everyone has some level of Emotional intelligence, and Emotional intelligence is something that some studies have designed ways to measure. However based on what you want to achieve some of these tests are at times over-rated and can be expensive at times.

Based on a little research we were looking around and discovered a few ways to tell if you have a high level of emotional intelligence.

Do you find other people interesting? Persons with higher levels of emotional intelligence tend to find other persons interesting and want to know more about them. This is outside of the need for prying or gossip.

They ask questions and genuinely listen to the answers, people love to talk about themselves, and they love finding interesting people. Being able to remember a few basic details about those you meet will gain you a ton of emotional equity, or likability. Think about it you would respond favorably to a person who remembers something about you.

Do you understand your emotions? Having a deep understanding of your emotions, why you are having them, and how you are going to react to them gives you a stronger EQ.

A strong self awareness is a great way to understand your own motivations as well as the motivations and reactions of people around you. Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses allows you to be more empathetic towards those around you. When you embrace empathy and understanding of the other person’s position it can go a long way in fostering personal and professional relationships.

Are you flexible? Being willing to go with the flow is a sign of high emotional intelligence. People with high EQs are aware that life is fluid, not rigid and that they will be more comfortable and likable overall if they experience life instead of trying to control and contain every aspect of their day to day. We don’t think control freaks get to really enjoy anything. When you are more aware that a change is going to happen you are more able to prepare for it, being prepared makes the transitions of day to day life easier.

How is your Emotional Intelligence?