Celebrating Femininity

Celebrating Femininity

In a world largely dominated by males, it is of utmost importance for women to embrace their femininity. Women need to take pride in being themselves, and saving themselves. Over time, women have been convinced they are lesser than men; they are made to feel sorry for themselves.

Even in this age, in the 21st century, internalized misogyny exists, and is widely prevalent.Despite many efforts made by women, celebrating femininity is something people still cannot do.

It is not just men who put women down, but it is also some women who do it to their fellow women.

Body shaming is one of the many things we women do to each other that shatter the confidence of many women around the globe. Women are judged for their skin colors, their hair type and color and the amount of fat they have on their bodies.

We need to put all of that aside, and celebrate us women for being women. Full Stop…

Humans are beautiful, with all their flaws, so why are the standards different for women? Women are beautiful…Why can’t women accept each other with all the flaws, why can’t they empower each other? Women are already put down by men on a daily basis; they do not have to put each other down.

Women are also judged for the life choices they make; they are being judged left, right and center and still are not happy. It is time women take control of their lives, and celebrate themselves and their lives.

Women are the powerhouses that produce life; they should be celebrated and praised. Instead, they are put down for the life choices they make. Women should not be made to pity themselves because they can conquer the world, they can do whatever they want to do.

As a matter of fact, women are better at multitasking; they can manage their households, work, studies and children all at once.

Women – let us continue to stand up for ourselves and take control of our lives. Lets also inspire the others who need a little hand to get started.