3 Easy Exercises To Combat Depression

3 Easy DIY Exercises

Depression gives you some sort of feeling of not wanting to do anything at all, even getting out of bed can feel hard enough. But technically, a lot of studies show that exercise is really a good way to help combat and ease some of the symptoms of depression. When doing exercises, it helps the body release good hormones, or usually called endorphins.

This helps a person suffering from depression reduce negative thoughts and feelings and can easily improve their mood. To help some people who are diagnosed with depression, we have listed, 3 – Easy ways to combat depression. At least it is a start to managing the condition, and tackling the symptoms.

Walking or Running Outside

Having to walk or run outside is already considered as exercise. Both are also considered as one of the most easiest form of exercise. Walking and running is also a form of escape, from your daily thoughts. This movement allows you to focus, strive and achieve more – when it comes to your personal goal. In result, it helps you have a clearer mind and most likely to achieve greater changes to your physical and mental health. Now that is a plus, and in a good direction.


Yoga is a type of physical exercise that involves breathing techniques that can help reduce depressive symptoms. Meditation can be coupled with this form and it can help a person clear their mind. Of course you have to at least try to do the different poses.

Doing the different body poses allows you to focus. This activity helps a person with depression to improve their mood and give them a relaxed feeling.

Group Exercise

Whether it would be just a simple group work out or just a walk in the park as long as you engage with different people and do things, it can be considered as group exercise. Having someone that you can talk to as you enjoy doing things can be a huge benefit that can help you ease your mind. Besides, going outside and experiencing a little bit of sunshine can help you stimulate you serotonin level.

We can say that exercise itself is not really an actual cure to depression, but can consider to be an easy and all natural tool to help you fight and reduce symptoms. And the most common misconception about exercise is that it has to be hard for it to be effective. But not everyone knows that any act of movement can be considered as exercise. As long as you find and choose what is best for you, it will work.

Always remember that having a healthy body can also result to having a healthier mind.

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