Pheromones…Mmmm Mwaaaa

Author: Mila Ling

Even though we may as humans feel that our sense of smell is keen, when we compare ourselves across the species spectrum, it is still very poor. We all know that male and female in the animal kingdom emit this special “scent” as they are showing interest in the opposite sex.

Generally, a compatible or suitable partner will lock into this key scent and become easily caught up in the game of the sexes, or so the story-line goes.

I’ve Tried Pheromones for the First Time – But Do They Work?

As a young woman, of course I like it when men are attracted to me. Whether its in body language or in what pick-up lines they try however lame some maybe it still make you feel attractive. I’m sure other ladies tend to feel the same, and I don’t have any problems with that. From my personal experiences I can tell for sure that sometimes just a knowing smile or look and this can grab the guy’s attention – lets call it flirting. We all do it…

However, there those rare occasions when you fancy some guy and he doesn’t seem interested in you at all. Well, if you’re a woman, you know what I’m talking about. I’ve known about those powerful so called pheromones for a long time, and I decided to try it just only recently after one of such rare occasions. The marketing around these things are sure to convince you that they are the best thing around.

The vial of pheromones I bought promised that as soon as I had applied them, any guy around will definitely pay me extra attention and show increased attraction. Blaaa…blaaa…blaaa…

The guy whom I fancied and who treated me with no more than standard friendliness and politeness was at my workplace. This got the better of me… I had a perfect moment to test the pheromones. One day my colleagues and I went to a small restaurant after work to celebrate some little but long-awaited success. Our company consists of three men (my guy included) and us four girls. The excitement was getting the better part of me… The experiment promised to be productive as I also know the way the other two guys always treat me; one of them often complements me and is overly nice to me whenever we chat or interact.

At the restaurant, I applied the pheromones covertly of course and then watched for any changes in the guy’s attention to me. In fact it seems as if I became even more aware of other person’s attention as well…maybe it was my paranoia. At first I didn’t notice anything unusual. Twenty minutes later, however, our guys seemed to become more talkative and more relaxed and jovial. I was already starting to think that might be the effect, but also realized that it might simply be the effect of alcohol.

Long story short, my guy didn’t hit on me that evening (and neither did the two other guys on the plus side). Still, I think I was getting more attention from the men than my female co-workers. Perhaps just one try is not enough to tell for sure whether pheromones work or not, but after my first experience I’m inclined to think they might have some slight effect but can hardly do wonders as promised. Quite negligible in my opinion and unscientific experiment.

In my view, some perfumes (usually expensive ones) can do even a better job than these touted pheromones. Maybe you have tried it, was your luck better than mine?

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