How’s Your Flirting…

How’s Your Flirting…?

Having fun flirting is easy when you know what you are doing. If you get the right tips you can get awesome results. We will let you know about great flirting tips that you will love in no time. Therefore, you should read what we have to say here.


Mirroring someone else`s language is one of the best things you can do to make the other person feel interested in you. This is an outstanding flirting tool that you can use to get results as soon as possible. You will tell the other person that you like him and that you are on the very same level. Get some time off work so you can get the spirit of Christmas.


The attention-ignorance patter is incredibly subtle and charming. You should pay close attention to the person you love following every one of his movements, and you should then ignore the person right away so you can feel more confident in yourself. This pattern is so powerful that the other person will be thinking about you more, and you will get what you want easier.

Eyes. You can also lock your eyes in the face of the other person. This must be used cautiously, as in some cultures, to do this with the eyes can also mean that you are a threat or disrespect. Additionally the eyes must not “stare” excessively as then this becomes an annoyance. If the gaze is not returned, then just move on.

Then, you can keep the other person off the scene when you focus on other things. This will allow you to give the other person a lot of clues when it comes to your face and how you look. The other person will make a better decision for you.

Avoid some of the direct questions. At times you are in conversation with the hottie and he’ll obviously want to know more about you and will definitely ask some leading questions. Maybe this is your opportunity to deliberately avoid some of those direct questions. Everything can’t be done so easily… Just can’t!!! Doing this will make him want to chase you a bit more as those few niggling answers that he is looking for you haven’t given. Watch out for the pursuit!!!

Call Him Out!

If you are out and about and you notice that he’s checking out…call him out on it! Let him know that you saw him checking you out. This will give you a bit of lead advantage…and you’ll know it – as he’ll be a bit off kilt at first. Your confidence level will go up significantly – but! don’t be overly confident as then this can plummet quickly if you do.

Well you know what you can do to attract that special someone. This is a great time that you can take advantage, to get the attention of someone special in your life. Remember that these flirts can allow you take your love life to a whole new level, and yet you have to take bold action right away.

Let’s see how you do…

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