About Us

Women’s Mag – is really meant to be a place where ladies can feel free to hangout without any pressure. Consider it somewhat an alternate space to read, maybe kick-back outside of the stereotype and still have fun while learning. The views expressed may not necessarily be echoed by all, however we foster a creative space as there will be several opinions and points of discussion.

Just a little controv now and then isn’t so bad is it? 🙂

We also have contributors to our community of readers from East to West, and therefore we have several cultures as part of our grouping.

Sometimes we’ll chat about black hair and sometimes it’ll be about red hair, other times it’ll be about thin lips while there will be articles on diet….You get the drift

Let’s cry together and laugh too…isn’t it all therapeutic?! Oh yea…

We hope that you noticed that it is womensmag.LIFE. We are also celebrating life and our journey across time and space. Looking forward to our new relationships with you and with each other… Who knows – if we’re pushed hard enough we may even create our own club…

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