Burn The Belly Fat

Simple Ways to Burn Belly Fat

Author: Julius Jim

After the end of most festivities most people tend to gain some belly fat that is owed to the fact that people have really been eating.

The most common question we then all ask ourselves is – What have I done? We start to feel a bit down in the dumps, our friends and workmates start to look at us with a knowing smirk. If we are not careful it can all mushroom downhill.

Well we all know that there is a simple reason to this. Its simply that we have not been checking your calories intake. The festivities and atmosphere tend to do this to many of us. Eating all kinds of foods, is what we end up doing.

Not to worry though, hear are some simple ways to burn belly fat that may be of help to you so that you can go back to your shape, or to get in shape.

1). Increase Protein Intake 

All through school, college and adult life – you probably have never heard of some the many roles proteins play. Proteins assist in terms of reducing body fats. A quick few lesson. As you grow your body starts to produce more insulin which your body and muscles are not used to, and may not have gotten accustomed. The insulin may accumulate over time, and where there is lots of insulin there is the promotion of fat storage. Guess what, this is more significant in your belly. A diet rich in proteins ensures that there is little resistance of insulin by the body muscles. Some good protein to include in your meal are such things like beans, eggs and fish. Not all proteins are made equal.

2). Try Yoga

A study carried out in 2012 showed that women who engaged in yoga for 16 weeks reported significant reduction of the Visceral fat. The trick in yoga is really to reduce your levels of hormones related to stress. Cortisol is the stress hormone linked to belly fat. Seems as if yoga keeps turning up in lots of spaces.

3). Do Not Stop Moving 

One thing about visceral fat is that it breaks down easily over aerobic exercises. Sweating through activities like walking, swimming and bike riding or anything that gets your heart rate up is recommended. This is more so effective against belly fat as compared to resistance training exercises. Those resistant training exercises tend to assist in muscle toning.

Well, let’s all get to it…with these few tips that we can start to burn some belly fat and regain you right body shape. Whew, glad those Holidays and temptation in excess foods are behind us…

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