Your Body Scented or Unscented

You hear it often times, maybe when you are in line at a store or in a crowded restaurant or mall. The comments about who may have forgot to put on just a little bit of deodorant . This deterrent that could have easily been avoided with some proper cleanliness, a quick trip to the bathroom and maybe some fixing upper.

Body Odor is one of those things which can make a person unattractive. Of course there are things such as perfumes and lotions natural or cosmetic which we may use to control this same odor.

But what if there was a certain smell that isn’t really a smell but more a body scent that we don’t have control over, that may actually attract another?

Do we as humans have a mating call? One that has no sound or touch but yet you can still feel it without touching it and unknowingly smell it? Is it something that we unwittingly produce when we are attracted to someone?

And does this happen when the attraction is just physical or emotional or even both? Truth be told a vast majority of relationships that are long distance don’t ever seem to work out. But, if it is a friendship where there is no other level of emotion involved other than the convenience of companions ship it seem to with stand miles and time.

As an adult I have come to realize that when I am happy and in a relationship that I also seem more attractive to others.

Am I making faces that I don’t realize? Smiling more? When single, I tend to blush more when I am in close proximity of someone who I am attracted to. These actions and reactions are not solely based on emotion. It is thought that a little thing called pheromones come into play.

What are pheromones? The Secret Body Scent.

Something that we as humans give off when we are feeling attractive. A subtle hint that says “I feel temptation or attraction to another person.” Studies show that hormones are what are produced by the human body and it has been said that that is what we have control over and not a body scent that we don’t know that we are producing, therefore such a thing may or may not actually exist.

The heart is an involuntary muscle that can beat faster or slower depending on our emotions so why not an involuntary body scent that produces based on emotion?

Although there is controversy over whether or not this Secret Body Scent actually exists, it nice to know that the tantalizing thought of it does.