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This little black dress has become a staple in any woman’s wardrobe.  I’m sure if you looked into yours now – you’ll see your favorite one waiting to be worn. This outfit tends to be highly versatile and appropriate for all sorts of occasions.

As a rule, fashion dresses are somewhat easier to wear than separates. Why? Well as some of us know, all a woman needs to do is put this dress on and dash through the door and ready for the next cocktail or concert event.  Its so easy as there is no co-ordination of separate garments involved.
Isn’t this true?
However, there is something special about these dresses… Maybe it is due to all of the marketing and media hype surrounding it, or maybe – black goes with everything. In fact, my little black dress has achieved such a level of popularity nowadays that it is often referred to as having an iconic status.
But what is so special about these fashionista dresses?
Somehow, the little black dresses of today manage to embody the glamour of the Hepburn original, but this is not simply by being black. Certainly, the fact that this iconic dress is black, helps contribute to its attractiveness. But like we said – black pretty much goes with everything and is a trendy hue to wear these days. Think about shoes, purse, even makeup… We just can’t go wrong.
Aside from the popularity of the shade, the allure of the little black dress is largely due precisely to the indefinable quality that it has, a quality that the French refer to as ‘Je ne sais quoi‘ or ‘I don’t know what’ – a phrase that regrettably does not sound quite the same in English.
Nevertheless, while Audrey Hepburn brought the little black dress into the lime-light, Do you realise that it was originally Coco Chanel who first saw its potential? Givenchy, the designer of Audrey’s gown for the film, gave the little black dress its fame but it originated in the 1920’s.

During that decade, Coco Chanel took the black pigment that was traditionally reserved for mourning clothes in the West and made it into fashion dresses that any woman could wear. Add to this the simplicity and modernity of line that was characteristic of Chanel’s approach to dressmaking, and, you’ve got the recipe for the super-success of the little black dress.

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That being said, it also takes the woman wearing it to make a little black dress ‘shine.’ You just can’t wear a black dress without standing out in the room… Furthermore it comes with its ability of character, that is, you have just got to look at me from head -to- toe. And it feels good too!
In fact, it is stated that it is the woman who should be the real star of the show, so to speak, and not the dress itself.
A proper dress always acts as a backdrop for the wearer’s face and personality and should neither overpower nor detract from their appearance. In this sense, the little black dress takes a supporting role, helping the woman to feel confident that she looks good in what she is wearing. This then leaves us to feel free to be a star. That is what makes the little black dress truly unique!

Just to remember –

* Our black dresses, are fail proof and always trendy – ALWAYS! Classic to Chic…
* Add a splash of accent colour – Choose any colour – it’ll work…
* This black dress will compliment our curves, without the appearance of being too curvy. All of the “wrong” places will be hidden…
* They tend to make us look slimmer visually – so the extra slice of cheesecake we had for lunch – we can get away with it.
* If some clutz happens to spill a bit of wine on our dress, or if we got a bit jittery and a little bit of cranberry juice got on our dresses. NO SWEAT… Black hides it!
Lastly – maybe more importantly – Always Ready for that last minute outing, or if we had a wardrobe malfunction or the last outfit just didn’t feel right… We’ve got our Black Dress… Make sure you have yours…
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