Why A Girl Gotta Have Her Flavonoids

What’s your flava? Any clued up gal worth her antioxidants will know flavonoids are one of the reasons fruit and vegetables are so good for us. From improving our skin tone to reducing the risk of cancer and improving brain function, flavanoids are pretty vital in helping us live our best lives.

With over four thousand compounds on the list, their names are almost impossible to pronounce and remember, but that’s not important. All that really matters is flavonoids are easy, and tasty, to include in our everyday lives and the end result is pretty spectacular.

Just like vitamin C is an important antioxidant, and we all know how important they are, flavonoids are found in common fruit and vegetables making it more worthwhile than ever to keep up with your five a day.

Flavonoids are plant pigments which work pretty much like any other antioxidant by isolating those pesky free radicals. But flavonoids go a step further. Some also contain antihistamine and antimicrobial properties and, more impressively, have been found to boost both memory function and mood.

Scientists have found the right flavonoids can significantly improve the brain, reducing cognitive decline through aging as well as reducing signs of depression such as irritability and tiredness. To find the best flavonoids, look for plants with the deepest pigment, or the darkest colors.

For example, apples and pomegranates include some of the flavonoids responsible for improving heart function and reducing the risk of strokes, high blood pressure, and even cataracts.

Best of all, you don’t have to live like a saint to reap the benefits.

Green tea or chamomile tea both contain some of the most powerful flavonoids to improve to fight cancer tumors as well as anxiety but some of these are also present in chocolate and red wine.

The darker the chocolate, the higher the flavonoid content so to stay smart and healthy, reach for your fave chocs and a brain-boosting tipple.

It’s the only sensible choice!

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