10 Ways To Stay Renewed and Focused

Iania Boyce

The new year brings the opportunity to set new goals for life. However, while we are all planning to declutter, go back to school, have a baby, get out of debt or lose weight, it is important to stay renewed and refocused. Here are 10 ways to keep motivated. 

1:  Create a vision board for your home or office space. For the tech savvy among us, use your smart phone or tablet if you prefer. Focus on the goals you want to achieve. Fill it with photos, quotes, memories; anything that motivates your spirit.  

2:  Make a timetable for the task you wish to accomplish each day, week or month. This will help you keep on track each day by being accountable for your time and actions.

3: Have a friendly competition with a family member, friend or work colleague. This person must also have some life goals they wish to achieve. It is nice to have a buddy along the journey to the new you.

4: Read up on a topic just for the fun of it. This will help you expand your imagination and give you new perspectives to consider. 

5: Set aside some self-care time each day. Give yourself a neck massage or take the time to make your favorite sandwich.   You are the MVP of your destiny, so you deserve that moment of pleasure. 

6: Take a selfie when you are at your best; then take another when the day is just not going how you want it to. Compare the two photos so that you have a visual of yourself in the good times and in the bad. Always strive be true to yourself. 

7: Drink water. Staying hydrated helps your body to work better.  The mind is less cluttered and the soul feels refreshed. 

8: Plan a date night with your special someone. If you are single have lunch with your bestie. Go somewhere new and take in the atmosphere. Focus on being alert and mindful, enjoying the experience to the fullest.

9: Build in a reward at the end of each milestone. Take a long bath with some relaxing bath salts or a day trip out of town with some friends. It is important to pat yourself on the back when you have accomplished your desired goals.

Celebrate your successes, make a huge deal about them. Don’t sit and let your life pass you by. Take the time to refocus if you have not achieved all that you want to. Breathe, hit the reset button and start again.

10: Self-growth is a continual process, it requires commitment and discipline. Focus on the returns and rewards you will collect when you have achieved each target. Now you can say proudly, “I lost 40 pounds”, “I am out of debt”, or “I want you to meet my son”. Each moment is one day closer to your goals.