Sapio-sexual!!! Are You?

Sometimes there is something that grabs our attention when we have an intellectual conversation. When we say grab our attention we mean from head to toe…and all the verve in-between.

Lets take a look at who is defined as a sapiosexual. This person is one of the people who is switched on sexually and mentally by smart persons.

When you think about what excites them and what to lures them to other people, then it’s true they are very romantic while being pragmatic. It may be considered that logical side of the brain turns on the emotional side.

While most people may automatically pay attention to how someone laughs or the color of their eyes, or even how a little flirt makes them go gooey and weak in the knees for their partner, there are some others who do not choose these components when choosing a partner.

Therefore it may be a little bit difficult at times if the circle of friends or partners are unable to grab our attention with meaningless chit-chat.

Where is the turn-on in that?

Some may now say – “Right – what are the signs that you are a sapiosexual? And maybe even if we aren’t one what is the best way to seduce a potential Sapiosexual?”

Intelligence and deep talk inspire them…
Mentality – Sapiosexuals are very strong and deep talk (more than the flimsy chit chat) inspire them and arise the sexual desire. Although it sounds like a great conversation, you demand it every day from the person you choose. When you hear someone talking about your thoughts and things that they question or know about in life, you not only admire them but find you are attracted to a level unlike any other.

Credentials are of little value at times…
Credentials do not weigh in any overarching way, when they are looking for potential partners. Knowledge is always at the pinnacle of your romance schedule.

Many times you may even go underground in people. If the resistance is not so much, then you are easily bored and become indifferent. Oh the mundane…!!! A sapiosexual will not want to be with this person until the in any medium nor long term relationship…

In fact the thrill of wrapping anyone around your finger quickly fades. You crave intelligence, this is exciting for you and takes precedence over what someone does to earn a living or how much money they have.

They love to argue…or debate
If someone challenges you in a debate, you are drawn to them on a deeper level. In them, you find a potential partner who always expands their horizons. The sapiosexual will not hesitate to use knowledge to test or seduce their partner. This becomes more engaging when someone challenges your thought process and demonstrates the pragmatic approach to debate without too much emotional influence.

Many times a sapiosexual may not seen as a stubborn nor pretentious, but more of a “matter -of-a-fact” personality. The character trait here is the zeal and thirst for intelligent conversation, and you admire this, even while having an argument.

They are incredible listeners…
Most of them admire when somebody teaches them something, and furthermore – teach something after had a conversation. This makes the sapiosexual admire a potential partner with strong listening skills.

The benefit here is that the sapiosexual learns, as well and do so with someone they may admire. This adds more excitement to the relationship between the partners. The mere fact that the sapiosexual has gained is a big plus. In this relationship, the senses are tingled on several levels since learning from a partner can lead to a stronger interaction between the two.

It does not necessarily mean that one person is dominant in the relationship or that one person is more intelligent than the other – but more of the growth of both partners in a relationship. This could be cyclic in that the “teacher” gives the sapiosexual partner some new knowledge and the teacher can benefit from a partner who is “into” them.

At the end of the day, this not only expands your mental and possibly physical boundaries, but, your conversational power, gives a uniquely strong attachment. Also the imagination of someone who is so enthusiastic about learning and able to express them leaves the enchanted sapiosexual wanting more.

Just be warned that simply spewing information for the fun of trying to grab a potential partner in a sapiosexual may still be pointless if the motive is wrong. At the end of the day – some things just can’t be forced.