Is Your Zodiac Sign The Moody One?

The Top 3 Moody Zodiac Signs

Chad Hurst

Do you find yourself being maybe just a tad bit moody? Even a bit emotional? (Yes, I AM crying… And No – I’m not sad…) Then chances are you were born under one of the following moody Zodiac signs. Count’em down from 3 the least moody to 1 the moodiest of them all.

1: Gemini (The Twin)

Now in this case the term twin has less to do with the person that hijacked your birthday and more to do with your own dual personas. Gemini are known to be a Jill-of-All-Trades. Their ever changing interest often put them at a bit of odds with themselves and others. While they rarely seek out conflict they have been known to at times to be at the root of it. (Looking at you Marilyn Monroe...)

2: Cancer (The Crab)

Now don’t get too crabby because you’re on the list. (Get it? – Okay – Moving on…) The moody nature of Cancers (myself included) has a lot to do with our well documented and high levels of intuition. It’s more than just reading a room, it is “feeling” that room. Even though sometimes what we feel isn’t our own emotion, that sure doesn’t seem to stop of us from acting like it. (Cough, Cough – Solange Knowles…)

3: Scorpio (The Scorpion)

Scorpios are passionate to say the least, and while I struggle to even say “too” passionate, that doesn’t change the fact that their passions can be as wide spread as they are, intense. Scorpios (much like those Leos) aren’t afraid to fight for what they believe in. Also like Cancers, they too are highly intuitive and are able to know a person’s true intention. Do not be surprised if a Scorpio keeps you at a distance. They know that at times their passion can overwhelm them and, they don’t tend to give people the chance to be let in so easily. I mean how much do we REALLY know about Leonardo DiCaprio?

Full Disclaimer: Anyone can be moody but some people are just a little more prone to it than others. Quite frankly – there is nothing wrong with being moody. Being attuned to your emotions can open the door to many great boons for your relationships, personal goals, and overall self-care. Not everyone knows how they feel, but if you are one of the signs above; then You do. Be thankful for that.

So go forth my lovely doves and feel your way through the clouds.