Treating The Face of Melasma

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Melasma: Effective treatments for an effective solution

MELASMA is an aesthetic skin problem that manifests itself through dark spots that appear in various areas of the face. This is basically due to excessive sun exposure. However, there are other causes such as the bad application of depilatory waxes that later generate spots, genetic predisposition, pregnancy, the intake of contraceptives and the natural aging of the skin.

Fortunately, Melasma can be treated and disappear permanently, as long as the affected woman does not return to sunbathing.

Here is the best way to treat and cope with Melasma.


This procedure combines the use of pulsed light with a mixture of different acids. This treatment is performed during the winter as this is the best time to improve the skin. Chemical peeling is done in authorized beauty centers and is performed by a licensed plastic surgeon.

Melasma disappears completely in four sessions of this treatment.


This treatment is also known as chemical peel. It consists in the removal of the superficial layers of the skin during several sessions separated from each other so that the spots disappear safely. This procedure must be done with extreme care by a dermatologist.

If this chemical peel is poorly done it can generate other skin diseases in the future.


This product is available over-the-counter at any drugstore. It is placed on the facial skin before going to bed. Hydroquinone works all night to lighten the skin, eliminating blemishes little by little.


These creams are prescribed by a doctor. They have a lightening effect on the spots. This cream has a low concentration of corticosteroids, to prevent long-term problems.


This cream is prescribed by a doctor. It has a lightening effect on blemishes. Tetrinoin can be used together with hydroquinone to enhance its effectiveness.


This vitamin is highly oxidizing, which promotes an elastic, luminous and even-looking skin. Vitamin C has the power to eliminate skin blemishes in a short time. To achieve this, it is necessary to apply a Vitamin C concentrate in the form of oil or serum at night, before going to sleep. It is applied on clean skin and massaged in.

This concentrate works all night long, making the spots disappear.

Our Take Away

Melasma can be treated through different treatments. Before choosing one you should inform yourself well to make the right decision. A dermatologist is the best person to guide you in this regard.