Top 3 Benefits of Pilates for Post-Partum

After giving birth to a child, a woman’s body can never be the same. Muscles from down part of the abdomen are stretched, the body gets unattractive shape, and not to mention the weight.

So, in this case, the workout is required! The question is, what kind of exercise should post-partum do?

Woman’s body is very fragile after parturition. At least forty days after they give birth, women shouldn’t be doing any hard physical work or to lift heavy objects. So, in this case, exercises are not allowed, too.

If the delivery was ok, ladies must wait, at least two or three months if they want to workout. Consultation with the doctor before a woman decides to exercise is required! Medical examination will provide necessary information about the woman’s body. A doctor will tell if is it safe for them to start with training.

Although, three weeks after delivery, a woman can do some light exercises at home, if that would make her feel better. Easy exercises for shoulders and arms ( without weights ) can be very beneficial. Stomach and hips workouts are not allowed, and in this case, they can be dangerous.

When they decide to start with their workouts, many newborn mothers ask themselves what would be the best kind of training for them. We can suggest Pilates.

There are many benefits of Pilates, but these are the top 3:

Pilates is a very light workout!

Pilates is a very light concept of exercises which is vital for post-partum because their body is still fragile.

A more intense workout will be hard because newborn mothers don’t have the necessary condition. Not to mention that it is not healthy to overweight downer part of the abdomen, at least a few months after delivery. On the other hand, light pilates exercises are suitable, in this case.

Pilates will reshape your body and save your spine!

Pilates is useful if you need to shape your body. After delivery, women want their waist back, and Pilates is the best kind of workout for that.

Pilates is also beneficial when you need a flat stomach and sexy legs. These body parts always became deformed during pregnancy. If you don’t react in time, they will stay like this forever.

The spine is the troubled body part after delivery, as well. The heavy stomach has already influenced your spine. You probably had troubles with pain in your back. Pilates is very beneficial for your back muscles, and it will keep the right shape of your spine.

Pilates is perfect for mental health!

Mental health is essential, just like physical.

After they became mothers, especially for the first time, many women have problems with post-delivery depression. Also, they don’t have many activities besides the obligations with the baby. It can be very hard, especially for women who like active way of life. 

Pilates can be helpful in this case, too. Exercises are good for mental health, and you will also be able to have at least one hour, three times in the week, just for yourself.

As you can see, Pilates is the perfect exercise for any woman, not just for post-partum. It will save your health, body shape, and it will keep you away from the stress.