Me & My Kegels

Are your abs chiseled? Are your triceps looking sharp?

A strong female physique is sexy. Strength training has become an important area of fitness for women of all ages and abilities. But are we targeting the muscles deep below the surface?

Calves of steel won’t prevent you from peeing your pants. Adding kegel exercises to your routine will.

Kegels. Most likely, when you first heard the word, it was dismissed. Kegels were something to worry about after pregnancy or later in life. Ladies, there’s a lot going on down there. It’s easy to get confused when faced with such a complicated plumbing system. Kegels are simply exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

You can do them anywhere, no need to drag yourself to the gym. Why not build up a super strong pelvic floor while typing at your desk or sitting on the subway.

Your pelvic floor muscles help control your bladder and bowels.

Hence, potentially peeing your pants. They wrap around and cradle your vagina, bladder, uterus and rectum. If these muscles weaken, your internal organs are lacking proper support. This can lead to incontinence.

If that doesn’t get you excited to become a kegel pro, maybe this will. A strong pelvic floor leads to stronger orgasms. During sex, contracting the pelvic floor feels amazing. Not just for you, but for your sexual partner too. Let’s just say, it keeps the area feeling tight.

In the grand scheme of things, kegel exercises are quite a low risk long term investment. You might not suffer symptoms of a weak pelvic floor now but factoring kegels into your fitness routine could prevent problems down the line. An exercise which reduces the likelihood of incontinence and promises heightened sexual pleasure?

Get to know your body.

Clench for 5 seconds, release for 5 seconds. Repeat. It’s that simple.

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