Managing A Heavy Cycle

Having a heavy menstrual cycle is very annoying. Don’t be surprised when you need another tampon every hour. Other than being a huge annoyance, as a woman a heavy cycle at times shouldn’t cause much concern. Still, there’s no reason to risk it, if our body is giving that sensation that something may be up.

If you’re experiencing more blood loss than normal, go to a doctor. Sometimes we want to hold out for just a little bit, so as to not bother anyone.

Finding out what the issue is and what is causing the problem can help in the management of a heavy menstrual cycle. It’s not like this is something you want to keep happening in the future. Life would be much easier if we could control this period, that’s not possible, even though many others seem to have it easy. Maybe its just an assumption.

Changing things up in your life a little bit.

Luckily, there’s plenty of things you can do that can help you get through this event that nature decided to grace you with. One thing that you should be done is to get plenty of iron. Iron is used to make red blood cells and now that our body is losing a lot of blood, it’s also losing a lot of iron.

When you’re deficient in iron, you’ll feel more sluggish and tired in general. You’re already going through a hard time, no need to make your body feel worse. Get some iron, plus it helps our blood carry the oxygen along too.


This is something everyone should be doing on a day to day basis. Staying hydrated. Hydration can impact our health in many ways and it’s very important during a heavy cycle. Drinking four to six extra cups of water can help with maintaining blood volume. It probably doesn’t have to be said but when you are bleeding a lot, the blood volume goes down. So drink some water

If things don’t seem to improve after a while, it’s best to go to the doctor if you haven’t already. Hopefully, they can identify the problem and help end your suffering. Why should living life stop for a little period – right!