My Dog Has Me Thinking; Now What?

I have always thought that dog-to-owner relationships have a special meaning behind them. This meaning can be anything from helping with loneliness, feeling better during illness, to pure entertainment. However, I have found that my dog has made me aware of a new kind of support that she can give me. It’s how to appreciate the finer things in life, “her“. 

Usually when I get up – Ginger just darts ahead of me and wants to go right out the back door. However, today Ginger was acting a little different. She was under my feet, walking around me in circles. I walked out to the kitchen, turned on the coffee pot, and went to the back door to let Ginger out.

She got to the door, stopped, and looked back at me, before she went out. I grabbed my laptop and placed it on the kitchen table to start my “work from home.”

Once I got everything opened on my laptop, I let Ginger back in, and then I went to get my coffee. Only now – to find that my coffee maker apparently had too many filters, and I now have coffee all over my counter. I unplugged the coffee maker and scrambled to get it to the sink to dump it and clean it out.

As I scrambled across the kitchen floor, I tripped over Ginger and there goes the coffee grounds all over the floor and all over Ginger. What was actually a white and tan Collie now looks like a long haired black lab.  Ginger naturally shakes it off and runs. What was a clean kitchen, is now covered in coffee, coffee grounds, a broken coffee maker, glass, and black dog foot prints.

I grabbed Ginger’s collar to seclude her to the bathroom and shut the door.

I picked up the worst of the glass and threw the rest of the coffee maker into the sink with a crash. Ginger started barking. I holler, “It was me.” I grabbed paper towels and wiped the worst of the mess off the floor without getting cuts on broken glass.

Same time, I took the broom and started sweeping up the little pieces of glass. After around four rounds of sweeping or so, I decided I had got all the glass, but… Ginger had started whimpering for attention. “I’ll get to you as soon as I can,” thinking you’re not going to like what I am going to do to you.

I quickly took a look at my laptop hoping that there wasn’t a meeting of any sort scheduled soon. After a few clicks, it was like 48 minutes before my next meeting.  Oh Great!!!

I scrambled to the bathroom, and, let myself in quickly shutting the door right behind me. Ginger tried to escape, but I grabbed her and got her right into the tub. I pulled the handheld shower head down, soaked her before she could jump out. Grabbed her shampoo, and washed her, as fast as I could! I had forgotten a towel, so as soon as she was out; she shook water all over me… and the bathroom, but, at least she was white and yellow again! 

I instantly put her back outside so that she’s wouldn’t bark or whine during my meeting.

I signed into Zoom, grabbed a soda from the refrigerator, and sat down at my laptop for the meeting. Once I was fully signed onto the meeting I realized, I had to do a presentation!!! – I had to do a Presentation!!!

I Had To Do A Presentation!!! – I scrambled to my room to change into a presentable top, pulled my hair into a pony tail, and get back to the kitchen. 

In the end

My presentation at the meeting was a success. I did notice the questions I received after the meeting where about – how, it’s a good thing my project presentation didn’t look as askew as I did! I went back to bed. Since then, I watch Ginger’s reaction when I wake up, and, before I complete the rest of my work day from home!