3 Tips – Help An Eating Disorder

 Three Tips for Managing an Eating Disorder

There are high chances that you and I have come across the term “Eating Disorder” and to some it may still be strange. Well, eating disorders are common factors among us.

However do you know about some of the treatment devised for an eating disorder condition?

There are various treatments and protocols which we can exercise to manage someone who is experiencing an eating disorder. The treatments sometimes include:

  • Proper diet – and dietary practices
  • Counselling & Non invasive treatment
  • The inclusion of a normal amount of physical exercise

One of the disadvantages of having an eating disorder is that during the holidays when there is a lot of festive food, we will often feel inclined, overwhelmed and even obligated to delve in. Sometimes there is also fear of peer pressure and not “blending” in with the others. This is also especially critical as we see all of the highly caloric and dense foods served, and their presenations. Additionally, this may find us having difficulties eating around family/friends which at times can only lead to a bit of depression.

Consequently if you or someone you know, were diagnosed with an eating disorder, then we can take a look at hose to manage this…

I. Reach out for support.

We all at some point in time strive for support in one form or another. It is important to have a support mechanism or individual someone who is on our side help us along. Then you know that there is always someone waiting to listen and help. That person could be a friend, a family counselor, teacher or even your youth leader.

Even if we have a mentor, we can engage them in this as well. You must trust the person and they should able to listen to you patiently. In the initial instance though know that this person/s may be surprised by the challenge of the eating disorder. You must also be patient and understandable.

II. Explore other crucial activities.

Are you depressed? Are you upset about something? Are you lonely? And why are you eating too much? 

When you are sure about the emotions being experienced then you can find other better activities to participate in instead of stuffing or starving yourself.

These activities also act to distract us from focusing just on food.You can go out and enjoy nature. You can play a favorite video game. Listen to music. Write a journal.

III. Appreciate yourself.

The only way you and I can get out of uncomfortable situations is by learning and appreciating about us. Even supermodels have their flaws. Look at yourself in the mirror and appreciate what it is that you like about yourself. Be grateful for something, even if it looks insignificant…be grateful and consider this. You may actually be doing better than someone else.

There are several ways you can learn to appreciate you. One of course is that you dress for you and not for others. Also, stay away from fashion magazines with those photo-shopped images. They are for commercial purposes, and all part of many marketing campaigns, as they have a tendency to make you feel inferior and lacking something.

Appreciate Yourself!!

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