3 Tips When Saving Money

3 Tips When You Are Looking to Save Money

I would imagine that if one wanted to come up with a list of all the ways that one could save money, then that list could be quite a few hundred or even thousands of pages long.

Well, when I first got started down my road to financial freedom, I was not certain where I should begin. Sure I did some research and read some books, and there were lots of good and even great advice out there, but, then again – there was just too much of it.

I mean, in the beginning, I felt as though every time I returned to the list and re-read it, that I was missing out on some little opportunity to save a few pennies. It increased the stress in my life in the very beginning.

What I wish I had, in the beginning, was someone or something to tell me where to get started or on what to get started. Then I know that some persons are out there facing the same challenge, and hopefully you can see that even if this is not your top three, you can see my top three. This also means that you know that there is someone else out there looking for some advice – and you know what – help them.

Okay, here you have it-my top three tips on saving money. I think you might even be a little surprised at their content.

Number 1 – Don’t Be A Mule.

What?? Don’t be a mule? Yes, that’s right. My first and number one most important tip.

Let me make it simple. You decide that starting tomorrow; you will turn off all the lights in the house in the rooms which you are not. Great!!! That is one habit that you’ve changed, and that is a good start. However, what if you changed a current mindset of yours, that you have towards money that would immediately affect ten different habits that you have.

You’ve just made ten real changes in your life by changing one mindset. I will get into some of the wrong mindsets towards money and the good ones at another time, but, if you switch your focus over to changing your habits towards money rather than starting some ABC to do list, your results will come much faster.

Number 2 – Fight for Your Money.

Yes – Yes – Yes, believe it or not, it is necessary for life to fight for your money sometimes. There are people out there all around every single day trying to take it from you unfairly, and if you do not stand up for yourself and fight for it, then you will lose. What am I speaking about??

Think about those – Utility companies “overcharging” you and not wanting to fix their mistakes. Credit Card companies were imposing excessive and unfair fees upon you recently… Retailers were trying to get you to pay too much money for the things that you buy.

You have to take ownership of your money, treat it as though it is yours (because it is), and fight when people try to make it from you unfairly.

Number 3 – Get Motivated.

Saving money in your everyday life, or getting out of debt, is not easy. It is not hard, but it is not easy. One of the things I learned is that the more motivated I became to save money, the faster it happened. You have to want to do it. So many people I’ve come across that are in financial difficulties I hear muttering phrases like “Oh, its only money” when they waste it or spend it unnecessarily. Those kinds of things drive me nuts.

Well that’s a start… See you next time.