Spicing Up Your Relationship

5 Quick Tips to Spice up Your Relationship…

Once that “honeymoon period” is over, and the “thrill of the chase” is gone – and no longer to keep you on your toes, it’s easy to fall prey to a familiar routine in a relationship.

When was the last time you had a conversation with your partner that wasn’t about the household chores, kids, scheduling logistics, or your jobs?

Here are a few tips to spice up your love-life…

Commit to a date-night:
Set aside a mutually-convenient day during your week, as a delightful escape just for the two of you. This doesn’t mean an expensive fine-dining and movie after.

Date nights can be affordable – a day out at the beach, picnic at your favorite spot in the park, or the good old Netflix and chill.

Make the first move:

Gone are the days when women were expected to wait and be woo-ed. Take charge, and turn the tables every once in a while. Make a reservation at his favorite Chinese place, book a weekend getaway for the both of you, learn something new in the bedroom, or sign up for a hobby you’re both into!

Remember the little things:

Your gestures don’t need to be grand, and extravagant enough to make an impact. Leave a love-note, notice and compliment the new haircut, pick a household chore he hates and do it, hold hands in public, or surprise him with something on his wish-list!

Don’t fight on texts:

Having a rough-relationship day? Furiously typing passive-aggressive, or long angry texts to each other won’t help. You both aren’t at your best behaviour, so most likely, tones will be misconstrued, all nuance will be lost, and your fight will last longer.

Hold off your rage-horses, till you’re in the same room and then take a go at it.

Plan a scavenger hunt:

If he’s just the right kind of adventurous as you are, set up thoughtful clues for him to find, leading upto a big surprise (wink, wink – it could also be you, and the new thing in the bedroom we spoke about!) in the end. Start making a list of all your special memories including “your firsts” – date, kiss, I love you’s, vacation – and build your clues around them.

Pick your hiding places, get some loved ones to be on the game for some extra fun, add little presents on the way, and voila – you’re looking at a memorable day to cherish, and bond with each other.