Long Life – Maybe Drink More Green Tea

Green Tea: Secret to longevity

GREEN TEA is famous in the West for weight loss, fat burning and metabolism acceleration. However, it is now known that this infusion promotes people’s longevity. Several studies in Japan revealed that this drink has properties that promote long life. This infusion contains polyphenols, antioxidant substances that fight against free radicals that age the body. To begin with, this ancient drink strengthens the heart, prevents some types of cancer and promotes an appropriate weight for each individual.

These virtues help to achieve a better quality of life and therefore live longer. Several studies affirm that those who drink between three and five cups of GREEN TEA per day become less ill.

A matter of habits

GREEN TEA has so many virtues that it is worth consuming in our daily life. It is recommended to drink this infusion at least twice a day: one cup after lunch and one cup after dinner.

It is advisable to combine this infusion with the consumption of blueberries and ginger, both foods are also antioxidants. Then it is advisable to go for a walk every day for at least 30 minutes, since physical activity enhances the benefits of green tea. The positive effects are noticeable within a few weeks. In addition, cellular aging is delayed in the long term.

A mind in top condition

Drinking GREEN TEA improves mental health, as it benefits the cognitive processes of the brain. This would delay and even prevent senile dementia, typical of old age. To maintain mental health in optimal conditions it is advisable to read, do crossword puzzles and keep informed about what is happening in society. GREEN TEA facilitates the cognitive process to develop smoothly, promoting logical reasoning and good memory.

In this way, the individual not only reaches old age in good physical condition, but also remains in good shape throughout the years.

Ally of good health

When it comes to maintaining a healthy and long-lasting lifestyle, GREEN TEA is a great ally. Drinking it every day favors the action of antioxidants, which promote the body’s youthfulness. It is important to emphasize that the habit of drinking this infusion should be accompanied by a nutritious diet and an adequate program of physical activity.

Obviously, it is necessary to avoid harmful habits such as smoking, alcoholism and the consumption of illegal substances. In this way, GREEN TEA will not only benefit our body, but also the cognitive functions of the brain.

What is your secret for longevity? Is it like having a cup of green tea or is there another secret? DO feel free to also reach out to us and share your secret.