Dry Brushing – Do You?

A recent trend in women’s skin care is dry brushing. This technique becomes more and more popular among ladies, it is present as an option at spa hotels and it can be implemented in your daily routine.

What is dry brushing?

Dry brushing consists of using a brush on your skin. Just like you brush your hair and teeth you should brush to remove the dead skin on your body. If you start with your legs then brush your feet first and go up to your heart. Same if you want to start with your arms, first brush the hands up to the shoulders and chest. Use circular moves and do it when you wake up, before taking a shower rather than at night.

You can use the brush on your skin with or without body oil. The brushing of the body should always end in the center, meaning the heart.

What is the use of this technique?

The use of dry brushing is for improving the aspect of your skin, the circulation and even your health. When starting this technique use a soft brush and increase its hardness in time. You can use dry brushing on your face too, but with a softer brush than the one you use for your body.

What is completely amazing is that, if done correctly, dry brushing doesn’t have any negative effects. 

Are there benefits? 

Besides helping you to relax, dry brushing has some other benefits, dry brushing :

Stimulates the normal lymph flow – the lymphatic system is made from vessels, ducts, lymph nodes and organs and it has a big role in your immunity which exist under your skin – this way making the body detoxify

Cleans the pores -even the pores on your face will be cleaned when you dry brush it.

Exfoliates your skin – is noticed especially the first time when someone dry brushes their skin.

Boosts energy – by stimulating the lymphatic system is gives your energy a natural boost this is why it should be done before you go to sleep.

Reduces cellulite – women who included dry brushing on their daily routine admitted that they have indeed encountered cellulite reduction.

Why and who should try it? 

Every woman should try dry brushing, it doesn’t only helps you boost your energy in a natural way but it also improves the health of your skin and, of course, your mood. Although if you are not pleased by the result because it takes longer than you expected, do not try to use a harder brush or to put more preasure on your skin during the process.

The purpose of dry brushing is not to break or damage the skin but to make it healthy, by also increasing or stimulating the blood flow. Implement this new technique in your daily routine and you’ll see how much good it does for your skin.