Oysters: Did You Know The Aphrodisiac Effects?

Oysters have always been believed to be some form of aphrodisiac, and this is besides the benefit of also having a high nutritional value. When a man or a woman wants to spice up their sex life  little bit some persons resort to consuming some oysters to enhance the libido and their love relationship. 

When it comes to creating the romantic moment, many couples choose to eat oysters, and may even eat them complimented with some tabasco sauce, or lemon and then wash it down with a drink of champagne. However, many are not so sure that oysters are indeed aphrodisiac in nature, but they still believe that this food improves the intimate moment between couples. 

In this context, several universities have devoted themselves to the study of oysters to know if they are indeed aphrodisiacs.


A joint study by the universities of Miami, San Diego and Naples concluded that oysters are an aphrodisiac because they contain a special combination of various amino acids.

These bi-valve mollusks release estrogen and testosterone. It is these hormones what act in promoting a more dynamic sex drive. 

The primary key is to eat them raw and accompany them with a good wine or similar beverage to unwind. Oysters are also abundant in iodine, which improves the energy level in men and women. This can also act to create the moment that makes men and women more willing to share intimate moods.

Just as a bonus as well, oysters promote fertility in both genders, according to several scientific studies.

An Increase In Libido

According to several studies, oysters increase libido in men and women. This happens because these bi-valve mollusks are the foods that have some of the highest amounts of zinc around. 

This mineral is known to fight sexual apathy. In other words it can help you get into the mood for some fun and play. Zinc enhances the production of testosterone in men and prolactin production in women. Oysters also contain Omega 3, a fatty acid that combats mental disorders that affect intimacy, such as anxiety, depression and panic attacks. 

Omega 3 promotes penile erection by enhancing and increasing vasodilation.

A Cultural Moment

Thanks to recent scientific discoveries, it is also known that oysters contain natural benefits that promote intimate encounters within a love relationship. However, several psychologists claim that oysters are also an aphrodisiac thanks to the cultural association that people make through this food. 

Oysters are an expensive, exclusive dish, which is associated with luxury. When someone imagines a romantic dinner, they sometimes automatically think of a delicious plate of oysters. When a couple decides to share an intimate dinner and chooses to eat oysters, both are predisposed psychologically to have a satisfying sexual encounter because they have imagined it.

The Hormonal Factor

Of all seafood, oysters are the most aphrodisiacal.

They as mentioned often contain high doses of zinc, iron, calcium phosphorus, copper, selenium, vitamins A and B.

This nutritional composition stimulates hormone production in both sexes. Men enjoy better sperm quality and women obtain better vaginal lubrication.

In general terms, oysters provide high doses of energy, which is reflected in a more lively sexual intimacy.

Eating oysters twice a week brings all the benefits this food boasts, in addition to its positive influence on sex life. Eating a plate of oysters three hours before a sexual encounter predisposes any couple to enjoy an enriched moment of intimacy.

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