How to Grow My Work-From-Home Business

How to Grow My Work From Home Business

Are you a stay at home mompreneur hustling day in and day out to launch or grow a home-based business? There are two routes that you can take. You can stick with tried and true methods that have been proven to work or you can disrupt the market with something new and exciting. Either path can work, but I personally favor the attention-grab of trying something new to cause a disruption in the status quo.

If you are looking for ways to grow your business you absolutely can (and probably should) create a website or blog, get active on social media, and engage in some active marketing campaigns.

These are all great first steps to penetrating the market. You will need to develop an identity and a presence for your business.

But what happens after that?

Once the building blocks are in place, where do you go from there to get more customers and more sales?

Create a Disruptive Ad Campaign

Do something radically different (or different for you). Try infusing a little humor in social media posts. Connect with your community by taking a poll that will help you learn more about your target audience. The sweet spot for polls is to find something that is mildly controversial. You don’t want the debate to get too heated, but stirring the pot a little only gets people talking.

Teach a Class or Host a Speaking Engagement

Offer up some free education or advice on something that relates to your business. People (prospective customers) are attracted to getting a good value for little or no cost to them. For this to work, your class has to provide real quality and not come off as a sales-y marketing gimmick.

Instead of thinking about it as a way to market your business, simply pick a topic of interest to your target audience and build the course around teaching a valuable skill or sharing valuable information. Promoting your business will be secondary to the creation of the course or speech. It will come more naturally as participants engage with your class.

Start a Podcast (or be a guest on an existing podcast)

Podcasts are all the rage these days. They are relatively low-cost to produce and distribute and a great way to engage an audience, in short, regular intervals. Not sure about making a big commitment, try it out by appearing as a guest on a relevant podcast series. A few quick tips for successful podcasts would be to use appropriate humor and a well-organized outline. Listeners should feel engaged and easily able to follow your podcast. Again, the focus here should be on providing value with the podcast and not directly on marketing your business.

You can put a few call-outs to your business and the ways that you can help listeners throughout the podcast. Do try to avoid long-winded sales pitches or being overly-self-promotional.

With a few less-than-common ideas to market your home business, finding new clients will be a breeze. As long as you are providing a quality product and marketing it consistently, the only thing you need to breathe new life into your marketing strategy is to shake things up by trying something different.