Today’s Top 3 Trending Freelancer Jobs

If you are entering into freelancing, your primary aim is to start in the proper manner and earn yourself a good living. However, this does not just happen, and even though it may sound easy – it will take some work and skills, and even a little bit of learning. You have to possess a high-level or specialist skills, relevant experience and also ensue that you produce quality in order to enhance your bottom line to get paid. 

Currently, the number of freelancers is increasing rapidly, making it captivating for experts. However, not every career is fit for freelancing, but there are various skills that will perfectly suit you there. If you have knowledge of one of these roles listed here, no doubt you will likely to attract many clients. However if you do not possess one of the skills trending below, you don’t have to worry. Learning can be done both online and offline. As such we have at our disposal things such as youtube and similar expert websites that anyone can follow through and learn.

Why re-invent the wheel? There are enough persons out there doing it, and all you really have to do is add your flair too it, no one else does it like you do! Visit several websites in the niche, and learn this set of skills to unlock great opportunities and grow in your freelancing career. There is nothing like practising on your friends, family and close circles.

It is vital that you analyze your market to know which jobs are trending and skills that will earn you a high enough to be comfortable income.

Here are the top 3 jobs trending freelancer jobs today.

Jobs in Programming and Software Development

Programmers are leaving their lucrative jobs to join freelancing career, where they end up getting the highest rate among freelancers. Software skills and mobile development skills are not easy to learn, making it challenging to get excellent coders. 

There are very few good coders that the number is too little to meet market demand.

If you want to be among the best-earning freelancers, start coding lessons. Consider investing your money and time to acquire proper coding skills through learning and practising. Avoid enrolling on free courses because they will only teach you the basics.

After learning the skills, aim at growing your reputation gradually. You will have to start by charging a lower rate, probably $100 per instead of $1000.

However, with solid skills in programming languages such as WebGL, you can start charging $150 an hour. You can also become a Bitcoin developer and earn an hourly rate of around $200.

Marketing Videos in Social Platforms

Social video marketing is one of the rapidly growing skill. Marketers are in high demand and are earning themselves over $150 per hour. There is an increase in video content marketing. The skill will remain relevant over the years due to the rise in social media channels, including YouTube, Instagram and Tiktok.

The video marketing skill will make you get many jobs, significantly if you can develop video content, optimize them for SEO, and attract people with unique ideas and marketing strategies.

Development and Web Designing

Development is among skills that are in high demand. Web designers are in high need in the freelance industry. However, it is important noting the industry is already flooded with skills.  This is because learning web design and starting to code websites is relatively easy compared to programming.

Consider selecting a niche in the field to remain relevant. Specializing will increase your earnings as you will be in a position to offer excellent services to your customers. You can specialize in customizing themes and creating websites for your clients using WordPress. 

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