Yoga Helps Fertility…

Yoga For Fertility: Benefits And Best Poses

Perhaps you are contemplating adopting yoga for fertility, or maybe even wondering how best to adapt your current yoga routine to increase your prospects of conceiving? Sounds great!

However, before you get out there and buy a yoga mat or a package of 20 Yoga-for-fertility classes, there are just a few things that you should know. Before you even begin, always remember that most people these days spend years and in some cases even decades – taking all the possible steps to evade pregnancy. It can then be a big surprise when they stop using the birth control measures and do not quickly get pregnant. In reality, this is not unusual. It’s similar to someone who has neglected their body for years and years only to start exercising and then complain that they are not skinny straight away!

Yoga is usually considered to be a means of relaxation, at least in the West. In Asia, it is often perceived as a spiritual practice. It is also a practice for a wide variety of health benefits. While in some other areas it is seen as a physical exercise, increasing flexibility and relaxing the muscles by stretching them. At the same time, it can aid with emotional tension and stress.

All these reasons combine to provide significant benefits when it involves increasing a person’s fertility.

It is this stress point of view that leads to yoga being recommended for fertility. Stress can often trigger infertility, especially in what is known as “unexplained infertility.” This means infertility that has no noticeable cause. Both partners seem healthy, and there is no perceivable problem with their reproductive systems. Ovulation is happening on time, and the man’s sperm count is normal. Painfully, there is still no child on the way.

Most of the times, it is the woman who will practice yoga for fertility.

For some strange reason, society still feels that when infertility is discussed, it is more than likely the woman who has the issues. That aside, it can be helpful for men too, but always remember that it will not affect the stress levels if one partner feels forced into a yoga practice that does not interest them.

If your partner hesitates, there are other relaxation methods that might work better for them, for instance, sports, meditation or exercising at the gym. The key is to just relax… in whatever way possible!

Once you have gotten the knack of a general beginner yoga course to increase flexibility and reduce stress, you can take part with long-time yoga practitioners to address particular poses that may affect fertility. Yoga for fertility poses is those that can help to relax and open the abdominal area and pelvis, and stimulate blood flow to the reproductive organs.

The Increased Blood Flow and Reduced Stress Associated with Yoga Can Increase Fertility…

A number of the yoga for fertility poses that you may want to integrate into your routine for fertility purposes can be as follows:

Legs Up The Wall. This has a few of the benefits of inverted poses (headstand or shoulder stand) without the possible negative effects of having the hips raised high. Lie on your mat on your back with buttocks against a wall and legs stretched up. This can be done during your periods provided that hips are level with the torso.

Open-Angle Forward Bend. Seated, stretch the legs, wide open. Bend forward with a straight back until you feel the stretch in the hamstrings, walking your hands forward. Have the awareness in the pelvic region and the hamstrings. Be gentle on the pelvis in your mind.

It is essential to talk to both your doctor and a yoga instructor before practicing yoga when you may be pregnant. Tell your yoga instructor that you wish to practice yoga for fertility and she or he may recommend more poses for you that could help you increase fertility!

*Editor’s Note: Article republished from Fitness Fusion 360