Your Top 3 – Easy Ways To Build Rapport

Let’s make getting to know you a bit easier…

Rapport is necessary for a healthy relationship with someone. Rapport building skills are part of Influence Skills, which you can use to help people who love you create a win-win situation and achieve your goals. Whether meeting potential sales customers, or getting a new contract, or even developing relationships with friends and family, links are vital.

Without this, you are unlikely to achieve anything.

There are many ways to establish a good rapport. Some of these methods are derived from NLP or neuro-linguistic programming, which is a growing tool for self-help. Regardless of which method you use, keep in mind that this can take some time and practice this. You may be mistaken at first. Accept them as part of your learning experience. This will definitely improve after constant practice.

Common points of interest

We often like people who are like us. We tend to feel more comfortable and safe with people with whom we have a common language. There is a saying that feather birds come together. The more we have in common with another person, the more we like. This is one way to build a good relationship.

You should find a common language with the other person as quickly as possible, usually within the first few minutes after meeting him. This is often done with small conversations or casual conversations. Ask questions about what kind of food they like to eat, what type of music they listen to, what kind of basketball team they want, etc. Find as much as possible in the first few minutes of the conversation.

You do not need to have much in common with them to establish a good relationship. One or two will be enough.


It is an NLP method in which it corresponds and reflects the physiology of another person, without making it visible. The purpose of this technique is not to 100% imitate another person’s posture or movements. Just match your overall posture and the general tone of voice, etc. For example, if the person you are talking to is leaning forward, he might also want to lean forward a bit.

Other things that need to be reflected and combined are the rhythm of a person’s speech and his breathing. Matching the breath of another person is relatively more complicated and requires some practice. When comparing another person’s statement, the following factors are taken into account: volume, pitch, and speed. These things do not have to be precisely the same as the other person if they are a little coincident.

If a person is screaming, he does not need to scream at the same time. You might want to raise your voice just a little.


One way to check whether you are in contact with another person is when they coincide and reflect their physiology. This is called leadership. When you are in a relationship with someone, try to lead them, changing their position. If you have a good rapport, the other person will correspond to your new position.

Three ways to get an instant relationship are common features, pace, and leadership. If you practice these techniques, your influence skills will be beneficial.

Should be a bit less fearful and a bit more exciting to try this now…Let us know…

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