Facial Expression – 1st Impression

Your Facial Expression – is the vital element for a good first impression.

Non verbal communication is something ladies tend to underestimate. We do most of our communications non verbally and having the right facial expression on first meets, is crucial in giving that good first impression. First impressions are hard to change hence you need to make that first impression a good lasting impression. The face is the key to having the right first impact.

Having certain facial features can go a long way in influencing what someone thinks of you during your initial interaction.

Your facial expression can greatly determine how people perceive you. They can judge from facial traits like how your mouth is shaped, whether you have a smile or not, your eyes and even the look someone may pick from your general face expression. A tired person more than likely will look a bit worn out and have sleepy eyes.

Therefore a bit more effort is needed to create that enthusiastic look. Having a relaxed face is going to be vital and trying to counter the tired or weariness you might be feeling.

We all tend to form first impressions based initially on the sight of someone’s face, and, the indicators are visual that help in arriving at a certainly good first impression. The eyes, mouth, forehead, whether we are wrinkling our noses or not… they all contribute. There are key opinions that can be drawn from your facial expression, some of which include your dominance and youthful attractiveness as well as if you are also approachable or not.

When it comes to how approachable you are, then those features that involve the mouth like the shape of the mouth are very important. For approachable people the corners of the mouth point upwards whereas for those people who are less approachable theirs point slightly downward.

Judgement may also be drawn from obvious features for example a smiley face may be presumed as approachable while an angry expression tends to be less approachable.

When it comes to youthful attractiveness then the features of the eyebrows and eye have a significant impact. Larger eyebrows and eyes having a dramatic arch may indicate a youthful face.

Facial features that people presume to be masculine mainly show dominance. While facial features have a significant influence on initial social impressions, a single feature may not be necessarily enough for one to draw a first impression. Several features mostly come together to create that mental picture of the lady that you are.

The eyes. “Making a great first impression and using the right amount of eye contact will only stand you in good stead to be remembered for all the right reasons…The eyes have it. Looking someone in the eye will convey that you are indeed interested in their story and what they may have to say. However on the other side of the spectrum, you have to every so often break that eye contact, if not this will be seen as a threat and leaves a negative impression. Your eyes are linked to your attractiveness.

The mouth. How approachable you are is seen in the mouth. The more you smile, and the more genuine that smile, the more you will rank higher in your first impression of persons who may want to approach. A beautiful smile that you are confident in will help improve your day, as well as improve confidence in others that you see.

The forehead & the noes.  These are the facial features most of us have little control over and we all learn to live with them whether we like them or not. It is more about your attitude toward these facial features that contributes to first impressions. A prominent nose can be worn with pride, just like a pronounced chin can suggest confidence. It is how you within your own self confidence carry these personal features with style.