Trying A Face Mask?

The Benefits of Clay Mask Treatment

Generally, when we look at skincare, it usually covers everything from washing your face, moisturizer to diet. At times we can be caught in the media and marketing craze of consuming some of the more pricey products to put on our skin. Of course, not every product is suitable for every skin type nor skin tone. Do you know your skin type?

We all know that we can’t stop this process called ageing however, if we can at least but slow it down just a bit, that is always great. We may just be able to delay it a little bit. In addition to our now usual routine of cleaning, toning and moisturizing, it would prove useful to incorporate an anti-ageing mask.

We’ve found based on what some of our readers told us as well, that it is a good way to complete our beauty treatment. We absolutely love beauty treatments… Who doesn’t?

Let us take a look at using a natural clay mask… Certainly by now most of us may have tried using a facial treatment of one kind or another. The benefits of natural clay has been touted for a while now. In fact for a few centuries now, this is a primary form of skin and body care. Several forms of clay have relatively high concentrations of minerals that are great for our bodies and skin.

In fact, clay is used in many traditional medicines in various forms. While clay treatments may differ in function and composition, they are known to be good for detoxifying the skin. This process contribute to a more youthful looking complexion for some and for others they have told us that the skin feels smoother. Organic clay-based masks aids in clearing the pores in our skin as well as to help eliminate some of the dead and dry skin cells on the dermis. Additionally your skin also ends up looking and feeling a bit softer in appearance.

Mask Choice…

Simply take a look at those ingredients… If there are a whole lot of synthetic substances, as part of the constituents of the product we’d suggest that you shy away. Of course – with the advent of Internet access, you can see the effects of some of these ingredients. What we can go for is those with highlighted plant mixes, and vitamins as well as some of those with cancer prevention agents.  Beware of those with added scents, parabens and compound colors.

Many of the masks which you’ll probably encounter, will primarily be powders, while others may be in a paste form.Those which are in powdered form – simply “add water” and stir until you reach that paste form and to your preferred consistency. Those which are already in paste form just place onto a moist skin.

Before application – the skin should be moist, as this gives a greater advantage than applying to a dry skin. Absorption via a moist skin is much easier and the optimum benefits you get.

It is usually recommended that a mask treatment should not be more that twice per week but more consistently once every two weeks, or so. Too much of a good thing is bad, and if you over treat the top layer of the skin, you do not give the skin a chance to become its “normal” state.

It can then lead to over-exposure of the protective layer, and therefore become too sensitive.

Blend about a teaspoon of the powdered mask with the water until the point that you accomplish a consistency that can be connected with a cotton ball or cosmetics without trickling. Apply on the face, neck and even on the hands, taking consideration to stay away from the sensitive areas such as around the eye.

Let the mask to dry totally for around 15 to 20 minutes. Some experts suggest re-moistening the clay mask as it drys so that the skin can continue to unlock those minerals, for absorption.  Wash with warm water and delicately dry the skin with a soft cool fabric.

It is always good to get an expert to make suggestions on what clay type or product is suitable for your particular skin. Some products may be promoted to suit those with a much more oily skin while others are for acne ridden skin or even dry skin.

The best piece of the clay is that which is somewhat acidic, similar to having salicyclic acid treatment. These ones tend to help uncover our beauty underneath. Maybe consider one which has aloe vera as well since this is also very good for our skin.

Maybe you have a favorite mask which you use?

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