Do Not Lose Your Touch

Benefits of the human touch

It has been confirmed again and again, through several studies that physical contact brings us several benefits to our life. This of course lends to enhancing certain areas of our life in a personal way from close ones. Also, we sometimes forget that it is an element of therapy that can also help effectively.

Unfortunately for many of us, we live in a society that sometimes encourages us and leads us to the opposite, and to have as little physical contact as possible with others. This is so too since any involuntary friction will seem suspicious or convey the wrong idea. Each time however we should consider the benefits of a good physical touch in our society, and even so, there is the question of – Why are there so many people who suffer from psychological pathologies worldwide?

We must remember that physiologically, the skin is sensitive and is linked to the nervous system. Skin-to-skin contact will affect well-being and is a valuable source of mental and emotional well-being for people. Therefore at some point in time let us consider simple reaching out and touching someone and in a sincere way. We may actually be all happier for it…I am sure that you can think of one friend, colleague or family member who needs this human touch RIGHT NOW!

Just pause and try it now…go ahead, I’ll wait… c’mon you’ll be the better for it…

Benefits of the human touch:

Good health:

The main effect of this touch is that it helps to reduce the production of cortisol, and we all know that this is the hormone linked to stress. Stress !!! – You can reduce someone’s stress levels simply by touching them… This also disinhibits and allows lymphocyte reproduction, and this also generates that feeling of pleasure and security.

Influence persuasion

Experimental studies confirm that those gentle touches on the arm can increase one person’s acceptance of requests from another. Remember the time when you tried to convince your partner? or When we were dating and wanted something? Hmmm…

The bond with others becomes closer

Based on the results of several studies, it can be said that touch between people is perceived in trustworthy and honest people. This acts in reinforcing their interpersonal relationships. Try it…

Physical contact with oneself

Personal physical contact is important. It is necessary to know oneself and enjoy the touch to know what we like and whatnot. It is necessary to develop sensations and feel safe in our body. I like to think of it as well, as a way to keep our nerve endings stimulated or functioning.

How should the touch be given properly?

Physical contact must be done with great care and always within the limits of each person and their level of comfort. Not everyone tolerates the same level of contact with other people. Please be sure to keep this front of mind, and that is why you have to be careful NOT to go overboard. A good thing as well would be to observe an individual’s attitude with others if this is possible, as well as their interaction with even pets that are around them. This could be an initial marker as to what tolerant level there is. Of course be mindful that there is such a things as too much touch as well…and you must be able to strike that key balance.

If the appropriate physical contact is given, the reaction may be pleasant and beneficial for both the person giving and the person receiving. Remember to keep front of mind that each person have a different tolerance level, and having a good sense of reading body language is also important.

Now Go!!! Touch someone…