Adding A Little Salt Into Your Coffee

Have you ever thought of having coffee with salt?

I guess this will make you wonder. A cup of coffee, for many persons it is the first drink they goto, to get their fix and also a good way to kick start the day. Normally a few spoons of sugar would make it taste great, while for others they may forego sugar and dunk it without any sweeteners. The sweet, nutty aroma of that full bodied richness, based on the type of beans and the type of roast completed all adds to that sensation.

How about for the ones that really hate that bitter taste, but actually love to drink this lovely concoction? That is where salt comes in to the picture.

The salt reduces the acidity and the bitterness of the coffee making it mellow, and rich because it makes the water more denser. It blocks the tongue’s receptor to bitterness making the coffee drink more balance, and recognised in a study from the Nature Journal. The sweetness is better amplified, we know about this old trick when baking. Adding a pinch of salt to let the sweetness elevate.

If you also suffer from Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) or just acid reflux but an avid drinker, rejoice my friend! This article is for you. As coffee is a natural diuretic, it will make the sodium flushed out. A pinch of salt helps replace the sodium that is lost.

This also is a good replacement for sugar. If you are trying to loose weight, the salted coffee would not make you fat. 

Salting the coffee is also a well known tradition on coffee making in Hungary, Scandinavian countries, Turkey, etc. There is also the “Alton Brown Trick“, a popular cookbook author and a food science expert, where in it – He suggested a pinch of salt on a cup of coffee can neutralize the bitter taste. He says that salt is a better neutralizer than sugar, improves the taste of stale water if used, and enhances the flavor over all.

While coffee itself already is pack with tons of health benefits, a little salt may give you a bit more benefit than you thought. Without having to add sugar and cream, you lessen the intake of empty calories. For sodium sensitive individuals or those trying to go on a low sodium diet, this might not be ideal. As the recurring trend arises, it makes more people up for the challenge and a lot of them will surely give their coffee a new best friend.

Some how, if you opt to try this out, just don’t be confused whether its a cup of coffee you are having or a cup of soup! But hey! salty or sweet, coffee is still a great drink!