Shea Butter Is For Those Wrinkles

Karate or Shea Butter Great For Diminishing Wrinkles

Shea butter, also known as karate butter, is a fatty substance made out of nuts from the karate nut tree grown in West and Central Africa. They grow in the wild and take fifty years to mature with a life expectancy of 300 years. The benefits of the butter from the nuts are just now being realized for health and beauty.

Karate butter helps diminish wrinkles by moisturizing the skin and promotes cell renewal and increases circulation in the skin. It contains cinnamic acid which is a substance helping to protect the skin from harmful UV rays. It heals burns, sores, scars, dermatitis, dandruff, stretch marks, and psoriasis. It protects the skin from environmental and free radical damages. It has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties and contains Vitamins E, F, and A. The Vitamin F in Shea butter helps to protect the skin from harmful exposure to the elements. It has linoleic, linolenic and arachidonic acids, the three essential fatty acids.

This butter is extremely effective in moisturizing since it contains many fatty acids the skin needs to retain moisture and elasticity. The high fatty content makes Shea butter a terrific additive in shampoos, soaps, anti-aging creams, cosmetics, massage oils, and lotions.

The composition of Shea butter allows it to melt easily into the skin.

Shea butter is in many products used for various uses. It has become a world renowned product used to help keep the skin in youthful condition as well as repair damage to the skin and the skin cells.

Pregnant woman use it to help fight against stretch marks and the scarring of prior stretch marks. It helps heal the damages of the scarring to make the scars become invisible.

The fatty acids in Shea butter make the skin softer and more subtle allowing the skin stretch with the growing of the pregnancy.

The medical world has discovered the benefits of Shea butter and the effects it has on skin in any condition. It replenishes lifelong damage to help the skin regain its youthful appearance and texture.

The cosmetic world has begun using the butter as ingredients in their products which have taken the world by storm. The benefits of the added ingredients have changed the aging effects of many women in their cosmetics and facial products.

The benefits of Shea butter return the luster to the skin and hair. It does not leave a greasy or residue on the skin. It protects the skin and scalp. It does not clog pores or block the hair shaft. It helps to soothe and reduce skin irritations and burns. As anti-aging product it helps to revitalize the elasticity lost during the aging process.

For this reason many woman have added this product to their facial regimens.