The Effects of Too Much Sugar

The Effects of Too Much Sugar on a Woman’s Body

Ok, let’s get real ladies. We _love_ sweets. At least I do! But what happens to us when we eat too much sugar? Let me tell you! Not only will you gain weight and possibly get bloated, but it can do a whole lot more to our body than we’d like to admit. Now, I’m not saying you can’t treat yourself every once in a while, but if you indulge too much, it can have some negative consequences. Let me show you just what I mean.

How and Why Sugar Affects Your Body Chemistry, as a WomanWeight

The most obvious problem when overeating sugar is your weight. Generally, overeating anything could make you gain weight, but carbs are particularly vicious. Carbs are a fancy word for sugar, basically.


Unfortunately, another negative side effect of eating sugar is bloating. If you eat too much of the stuff, your body may balloon out unattractively, particularly in the belly region. This is caused by water retention and the body’s overall inflammation.

Your Teeth

We all know that sugar can wreak havoc on your teeth, causing cavities and other tooth issues. What happens is nasty bacteria begin to eat away at the sugar in, on, and between your teeth and it starts to ferment and disintegrate your teeth. Yuck!

Your heart

Sugar can negatively impact and raise your blood pressure, causing serious concerns for your heart.


Sugar can actually speed up the aging process by altering the elasticity of your skin and causing premature wrinkles.


The energy spikes you get from sugar can seriously alter your sleep schedule.


Energy is a roller coaster with sugar. Sugar causes spikes and crashes, which fling your energy levels up and down in bursts. This is not a good or sustainable form of energy, and it can really tire your body out.

Your Mood

When your blood sugar spikes, it can seriously affect your overall mood. With too much sugar in your system, before you ultimately crash and feel listless, the heightened pulse and energy you can get may leave you anxious and jittery. Sugar also negatively influences stress levels, making it harder to stop eating it because of the dopamine it brings as a comfort. It’s a vicious cycle.

The Bottom Line

Sugar isn’t the best for your body by any means. Try to find healthy alternatives, like fruit, to satisfy your sweet tooth. If you must indulge, simply make sure not to let it become a habit.