It Could Be Dehydration

Dehydration: Key indicators, you should pay attention too…

A healthy life is based on three basic points: nutritious food, physical activity and good sleep. Optimal nutrition includes proper hydration so that your organs function well and keep you in a healthy balance. Dehydration brings very negative consequences and in extreme cases, death.

The first sign of Dehydration is feeling thirsty. However, there are other signs to which you should pay immediate attention.

Here are 3 key indicators that you are dehydrated

1-You feel excessive fatigue

You are going through a normal working day but suddenly you feel an excessive tiredness for which you can’t find enough reasons.

The reality is that you have not been drinking enough liquids so far this day and that is why you feel weak. Keep in mind that liquids (water, fruit juices, infusions, etc) help transport oxygen and nutrients to every cell in your body. If you are suffering from dehydration, the impoverished transport of these nutrients prevent those nutrients in reaching your cells. Therefore you lack energy to perform your usual or even extreme activities.

Get in the habit of drinking liquids even if you don’t feel thirsty. If you find water unpalatable, drink natural fruit juices.


A headache is one of the clearest signs that your body is going through dehydration. Your head hurts because you have drunk very little liquid if any at all and that causes little oxygen and magnesium to reach your head.

In addition to having a headache, you are likely to have blurred vision, feel dizzy and also nauseous. Logically the first thing you should do is drink water or any other (non-alcoholic) liquid.

For migraines it is advisable to take chamomile tea, since this infusion produces immediate relief from these symptoms. Keep in mind that alcoholic beverages also cause dehydration, dizziness, and migraines. That is why it is recommended that you do not drink alcohol or that you control its intake – particularly when you become dehydrated.

3-Decreased work / intellectual performance

You are attending a class in your university or you are working in your company office and you notice that you are not responding efficiently to the daily activities that arise. Surely you have drunk just a little water and you are going through dehydration. The lack of liquids reduces the regeneration of your nervous system and your muscles do not work efficiently nor effectively.

Therefore your response to the different stimuli is poor and that is why your physical, work and intellectual performance is insufficient. To prevent dehydration, always have a bottle with mineral water or natural juice of your favorite fruit close by and even better something that helps to enhance your electrolyte balance as well.