You Should Define Your Personal Style

4 Steps To Defining Your Personal Style

Dressing like everyone else is only going to take you so far and you don’t really want to risk doing that anyway. You’re unique and your body is your own so what others wear might not suit you, even if they look good on someone else. What you need is your own personal style and these tips will ensure you get that personal style.

Body Shape

The first thing you need to get to grips with is your body shape because not all clothes suit certain body shapes. Ribbed tight-fitting jumpers don’t really suit rounded bodies whereas loose-fitting blouses do. When choosing your style, go for garments that compliment your body shape because this is one step in the right direction of making you look good, feel attractive and pull people’s eye to your outfit.


When you go to pick a garment, the color is a big element of personal style and the one way to make it suit is to choose a color that doesn’t clash with your skin complexion or hair. It’s also worthy of picking colors that compliment your body shape. Picking out colors that you like and that suit you work wonders for your personal style and can give you an incredible confidence boost.


How often do you find yourself shopping for new clothes? When you get your personal style down you won’t need to go shopping so regularly since you’ll find garments you’re happy wearing over and over again. Finding your personal style is about being comfortable as well as dressing to impress. You should choose garments that you know you’ll wear again and again because this is a sure way to create your signature look and everyone with their own personal style has a signature look.

Mood Board

Our moods pretty much influence what we wear on any given day, and you’re not going to wear what contradicts your mood. Creating a mood board and playing around with style and comfort is a great way to pick out great outfits that’ll compliment your mood without making you feel uncomfortable.

Don’t just focus on your main moods, though, otherwise you might find your wardrobe lacking for those once in a blue moon moods that happen only on occasion. Be sure to pick out more than one outfit for any mood so you’re covered if a particular outfit is in the laundry or your primary outfits aren’t what you want to wear on that particular instance.