You Can Get Started as A Blog Writer

3 Tips to Get Started as A Blog Writing Journey

Blog Posts give you, together with your business, an opportunity to publish thoughts, insights, and stories and your websites regarding any topic. They can assist you in boosting credibility, brand awareness, revenue, and conversions. Most importantly, blog posts can go a long way in helping you drive a lot of traffic to your website. However, you need to start one to get started as a blog writer.

Here are three tips on how to get started as a blog writer;

Understand Your Audience

Before writing your blog post, ensure you understand your target audience. If you understand your audience clearly, you will better understand what blog content will suit your audience. It’s a great start once you get to writing blog posts.

An easy technique to understanding your audience is simply asking your readers initially on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn using an engaging quote. Once people respond well to it, you can consider it a great topic to write about. Ask questions such as: What will resonate with them? Which topics would they like to learn about?

It involves the process of building buyer personas. Consider what you know about your buyer personas and their interests when deciding on the topic of your blog post.

For example, if your target audience is millennials focusing on starting their enterprise, you don’t have to give them information on how to get started on social media. Most of them already have such information.

However, you might consider providing them with information on how to change their social media approach. For instance, you might give them tactics to adjust from a personal, casual approach to a more business, networking-based approach.

It’s one of the simple ideas that will help you publish content about the niches your target audience needs.

Check Out Your Competitors

Looking at a well-established competition is a great way to draw inspiration. Take your time to view those popular and highly reviewed blogs since their strategy and execution are what made them thrive when it comes to credibility. However, the reason for doing this isn’t copying their elements but to acquire better insights into what readers consider a quality blog.

There are various angles that you should check when carrying out a competitive analysis: This includes

Copy: Analyzing the writing and tone style of the competitor to find out what readers mostly respond well

Visuals: View the blog’s theme, branding, and colour palette.

Topics: check which subject content their audience likes interacting with.

Choose Your Unique Angle

Ask yourself what perspective you bring that makes you unique from the crowd. It’s the key when it comes to determining the trajectory of your blog’s future and the various avenues to select in the process.

Consider asking the following questions when selecting your niche;

  • What challenges will you solve for your readers?
  • Enlighten your audience on how to do something
  • What specific experience makes you a thought leader or trusted expert on your writing topic?
  • Will you give opinions on the trending debates?
  • Share original or compare research?

Blogging is a thriving business, and if you apply these three tips, there is no reason you can’t succeed in writing blog posts.