Tips To Jumpstart My Sustainable Lifestyle

3 Tips – To jumpstart a sustainable lifestyle

Are you constantly thinking how to have better choices to make your lifestyle more easy and sustainable? But, the question always goes down to where to start. At some point this is the first big challenge that everyone needs to figure out in this time of information overload. A sustainable lifestyle is a smarter choice that has a very positive impact in our lives. It also has great effects on our environment. This is also a way of living that we want our new generation to continue doing. It may sound impossible to do at first but there’s no pain in trying.

These are 3 tips we can suggest, that are easy to follow and a rule of thumb if you want to get started as early as today!


It may seem boring but as the saying goes “if you fail to plan, you’re plan is going to fail.” The best practice is always choosing what is doable and what is not at your current state. Because this will make you stick to your goals and reduce your stress when your efforts are getting nowhere. Plan the best and most efficient ways for you. Things are easier if you figure out first hand what you want to incorporate in your daily life.

For example: The products that you use at home like toiletries and cleaning materials can be the first few items you can change to a more natural/organic choice without further adjustments. It also adds quality in your health as a sustainable lifestyle.


Little as it may seem, the thoughts in making small choices will come a long way. Choose stores that are promoting zero wastes to let yourself free from tempting to purchase more packaging waste. Trends in the supermarket today which they use glass jars as a replacement to plastic wrappers for produce and kitchen supplies. Bike or walk to places that are near. Start changing your lifestyle, that is the key.

Eventually you’ll see how far you’ve come and you won’t ever notice it. Just always keep in mind why you started this journey and put your heart into it.


Yes, you got it right! The more, the merrier. Take time to reach out to your neighbors, friends, online groups and other sources of support whose already practicing a sustainable lifestyle. This is the ultimate game changer, believe it or not you’ll notice that these people will bring more inspiration and tips on how to further make the sustainable living elevated.

Especially in times like this, you can also start a vegetable garden that the community will benefit and enjoy.