You Can Fall Asleep Quickly

Here Are 3 Steps – To Fall Asleep

Tossing and turning half of the night is an unwanted but all too regular ritual for many of us nowadays. Our lifestyles are constantly rushed, we’re glued to our screens and exposed to constant blue light, and stress is an ever-present companion.

There have been endless studies done on sleep over the past several decades and everyone seems to have a different opinion on how to fall asleep and sleep well. How do you find out what works? Over the last decade or so, technology has allowed scientists to observe what is truly going on in our brains when we sleep, and when we want to fall asleep. There is no better authority on the subject than Matthew Walker, Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of California, and here are some of his recommendations.

If you want to be able to fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly, following these 3 steps can help you get there quickly.

Avoid Substances.

A really popular misconception is, that having a few drinks or a glass of wine can help you fall asleep quickly, and help you sleep for longer. While it’s true that drinking an excessive amount of alcohol may help you fall asleep quickly, it’s not going to do anything good for you the next morning. Furthermore, the quality of sleep which you experience will be very low leaving you feeling tired and under-rested.

If you want to be able to fall asleep quickly and experience quality sleep, lay off of the booze and any other mind-altering substances.

Organize your space.

Have you ever noticed how you never really feel rested having slept in a place other than your home? Like a hotel or a friend’s place? When you sleep in a foreign environment your brain goes into threat detection mode, it’s in a new place and it doesn’t feel completely safe so it doesn’t let you fall into a deep sleep keeping you prepared to respond to potential threats. The result of that is, that your brain never really gets a chance to go into deep sleep and leaves you feeling like you hadn’t slept enough.

It’s a similar situation in a messy space, and that can be solved by tiding up and having a clean and organized bedroom.

Put away your devices.

There are quite a few reasons why our computers and mobile phones are bad for your sleep, but the two most basic & fundamental are blue light and information overload. The blue light which is emitted by the screens of devices affects the amount of melatonin your body releases and melatonin is the hormone responsible for how well we sleep.

The earlier we put our devices away, the better regulated the release of melatonin in our bodies will be.

Furthermore, we all know that falling asleep is easier if we meditate and have a clear mind, putting away your devices earlier helps your thought processes settle down, helps your mind slow down and thoughts clear. A clear mind helps you fall asleep much quicker.

Avoiding substances, organizing your space, and putting away your devices earlier might not solve all of your sleep issues, but it will most certainly help put you on the right path towards getting there.