Your Hips Don’t Lie

Hips Don’t Lie: True or False?

It is common knowledge that men are attracted to what they see. Women on the other hand are attracted to other things: Smell, Character, Height and even Baldness to name a few.

Women are generally more individualistic in our selection, and all in our unique way of connecting on a sometimes personal level with the other sex.

However, looks are deceiving aren’t they? How true is it that women with wider hips are sexier? It is actually quite true but not because men are drawn by their size but because hips play such an important role on a woman’s body.

A woman’s hip width has a significant correlation with her sexual behavior, according to a new study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior…

Even with all of these studies, we do not necessarily subscribe fully to these, as hip ratio generally has nothing to do with our rate of being promiscuous. In fact, that may be more of a personal thing than a scientific thing to do with our hips.

On a human biology perspective, the wider the hips the more the male of the species tend to be attracted to that female. This is primarily used in one of the forms of mating rituals, as wide hips in a woman are a strong indicator to men that she is mature and very much capable of reproduction.

Movement enhancement.

So where exactly do men look? Let me spell it out for you, men are mostly attracted to “moving parts“. These parts include boobs, buttocks, hips and in some instances – thighs.

If you got normal sized moving parts then you will not draw too much attention to yourself, then again, What is normal?

Now just imagine if you were to gain double the size of your hips and buttocks. That means that you will have double or significantly more attention than you used to get, trust me I know. What I suggest is rather than cower in the limelight and attention, this can be used as a confidence builder.

When you have the guy’s attention, you have a bit more control… Add a bit more sway and swag, and you are over the top!

Women have a “swinging” motion on their mid-section when they walk. Nobody knows why, but clearly its a woman thing because men don’t walk like that. So like I’ve said, the bigger the moving part the more attention. So wider hips will enhance the swinging motion, therefore drawing more attention than normal ones.

What we are also speaking about is the ratio of hip to butt ratio as well, and that is more buttocks than waist.

Emphasizes looks…

There is nothing special here, wider hips just emphasizes your mid-section feature. Wider hips outlines the features you already have. We know that women got hips, but why do women with wider hips get more attention? 

They just stand out from the rest naturally, but for some reason men just love how they look. It is not true that women with bigger hips are sexier. Being sexy is like being beautiful: it lies within the eyes of the beholder. However, big ones attract more attention. But there are many reasons why and being sexy could be one of then. Sexiness is also like a puzzle, you need to put all the pieces together.

For example: What good are wider hips if you don’t have a “pretty face” or large buttocks? Remember it is in the eye of who you attract…

Wider hips are based on our limited sample size and personal interaction very sexy…remember we are talking ratios here as well. This is wonderful especially if they are in nice balance with the rest of our bodies. We all know that this isn’t true for the other 98% of us women out here and we aren’t all models neither can we rely on photo-shopping.

Therefore – always have something up your sleeve or should we say – in your wardrobe. This outfit and accent can skew the ratio in either direction and make our hips look smaller and even more stylish.

Imagine the wonders of a belt… Just an idea…

How do you manage?

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