Smelly Feet

Smelly Feet

After a long day of work, you remove your feet from the pair of loafers and embrace sweaty and smelly feet. This scent is very embarrassing, especially if your partner or child enters the room and remarks about the odor. It may also be further embarrassing if you are in a culture where you remove your shoes as you enter an home or similar establishment.

We realize that one of our previous articles dealt with the benefits of the  Jamaican Black Castor Oil, and we did a bit more of a look-up on the benefits of the Castor Oil to realize that you can also use this on your feet.

It is an almost perfect solution to this problem.

What exactly is this castor oil?

This castor oil is one of mother nature’s number one gifts to women who prefer a medical free solution. The ailment is a type of vegetable oil extracted by pressing the castor beans. The Ricinus communis’ seed, while it maintains the name castor bean, is in actually not a real bean. Ricinus communis contains a hydrophilic toxin (water loving toxin), which is crucial for detoxifying the body, and that’s the reason women use this as a solution for smelly feet.

How can this fix my smelly feet?

1. Maintain good hygiene daily – The ointment works most effectively when you maintain good hygiene daily. This includes bathing your feet in an antiseptic soap.

2. Soak feet in a basin – After bathing, place warm water in a basin, along with Epsom salt and have that absorbed for roughly 10 minutes. Ensure the water is not too hot or warm, so your feet can relax at just the right temperature. Place droplets of the castor oil in the water and soak your feet in the basin for about 5 minutes.

3. Dry feet thoroughly – After soaking feet, ensure you dry them, especially between the toes to prevent a fungal infection from occurring. Continue the process at nights by wearing dry socks.

4. Avoid cotton in Summer – For those whose feet perspire excessively, wear preferably leather shoes during the summer. Sport open-toed leather sandals to have the feet get air throughout the day. While at home, avoid wearing any sandals so the feet can keep cool.

In addition to the Jamaican Black Castor Oil, soak your feet in a warm basin of water using three to four tea bags daily. Any type of tea bag would work in this case, especially cinnamon that produces a lovely fragrance. Have your feet soak in the warm water for roughly 15 minutes, then ensure you dry the feet completely.

Let us know if you see the same results as well…