When The Lips Speak

Article Written by: Kesha J. Isaac-Adams

I have often imagined a world where I had a voice.

A voice that transcended the plains of men.

A voice that broke through barriers…barriers constructed over eons by men who will never know what it is like to have the treasure that I possess.

They’ve sought it, fought wars over it, conquered lands to attain it and each and every time they’ve come close to it they fail because they lack.

I have often imagined a world where my lips would part and a voice so powerful would escape that the world would have no choice but to stop and listen.

And in that parting, there would be a crossing like that of the red sea.

A crossing to a better understanding.

A crossing to a unification of bodies, of minds, of souls.

A crossing to freedom without nuances, without taboo, without secrets.

Oh the secrets these lips could tell…would tell but for the constructs of society which put bars of cotton, silk and lace to hide us away to only be revealed at the insistence of men.

I continue to be hopeful…for these lips have entirely too much to say to continue to be silenced and locked away.

Kesha J. Isaac-Adams: – Playwright, Director and Producer at NuAge Production Company. Kesha has written many thought-provoking pieces that appeal to the tastes of a wide range of audiences. A national of St. Christopher Kitts, she has her honours degree in Drama, and is currently working on her next production.

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