Cinnamon Improves Libido

Can Cinnamon Improve Your Libido?

It’s not a secret that everyone has a little trick to spice up when it comes to that special bedroom time. Some people literally use spices, and yep, cinnamon is among the most popular choice!

Is cinnamon as an aphrodisiac a myth? or could it really work? Let us rephrase the question: Is cinnamon a libido booster? The answer is a resounding YES! And there are many facts that support this. Find out more in this article.

What makes cinnamon so special?

To talk about cinnamon’s effects on our sex drive, we have to mention two of its main chemical components: cinnamaldehyde and methylhydroxychalcone. After continued use, cinnamaldehyde acts in regulating the levels of sexual hormones in women. It works as well by reducing the levels of testosterone and boosting the levels of progesterone and estrogens. On the other hand, methylhydroxychalcone is a great regulator of blood glucose (sugar) levels, which means that when your body starts absorbing it, methylhydroxychalcone will signal your body to burn sugar instead of storing it as fat. That is also a plus in many ways to quite a few of us, who seem to attract fat and fat deposits.

Now, the effect of cinnamon in the body acts like a cascade: when consumed, methylhydroxychalcone acts over blood sugar, giving us an energy rush. This major boost in energy raises our heart rate, increasing our blood circulation, and also increases our sensitivity to stimulation. This makes cinnamon good for men too, as it can give them a faster erection. At the same time, this increased blood-flow turns into a slightly higher body temperature.

Have you noticed that when people are turned on, they feel hot? This is how most aphrodisiacs work, by raising your body temperature slightly. Note however that cinnamon doesn’t just stop there: it also acts on other hormones, boosting your estrogen levels, getting you in the special mood and signalling people near you via smell. Pheromones…

How can I use cinnamon as a libido booster?

There are two ways in which you can use it: 1) By ingesting it and 2) As a topical rub. To take advantage of all the benefits that cinnamon provides, especially the long-term effects associated with sex hormones, then you must absolutely drink it as an infusion.

A teaspoon of cinnamon in a glass of cold water or as a hot tea, will be fantastic for your body to assimilate all its wonderful properties. We can simply start by drinking a cup of water or tea per day, and then even increase the dose up to three cups per day.

However, if you’re going for the quickie boost, you can either eat it in a dessert or drink it in a tea a couple of hours before you’re ready to go. If you add cinnamon powder to massage oil, and give yourself or ask your partner to give you a nice hot oil massage you’ll both enjoy. I’m sure…