About That Thing Called Cabin Fever

Tips for overcoming cabin fever

CABIN FEVER is a psychological phenomenon that manifests itself when an individual feels irritability from being locked up and isolated for a long period of time. This phenomenon has become sadly common due to the confinement that all countries are experiencing due to the spread of Covid-19. Those suffering from CABIN FEVER have symptoms such as sadness, despair, anger, lack of motivation, sleep disturbances, poor nutrition, lethargy, impatience, difficulty concentrating and difficulty starting each day, among other signs.

Here are some valuable tips to overcome CABIN FEVER.

  • Get motivated through mental activities. Take advantage of the confinement time to read books of your liking, solve puzzles, do crossword puzzles, etc. This will stimulate your neurons and you will feel motivated to take on more activities.
  • Set simple goals such as cleaning your house, finish studying a topic for an exam or finish that online paperwork you need for an important matter. As much as possible, take the opportunity to do everything you couldn’t do for lack of time.
  • Do a simple exercise routine to keep you physically active. If allowed, take the opportunity to be physically active outdoors. You can also train at home through free online workout videos or free fitness apps.

  • Get out of the house whenever you can, even if it’s just to go to the grocery store. Sunlight fights sadness and depression.
  • Maintain a normal and healthy diet. In times of confinement many people take the opportunity to eat too much because they have no social contact. Remember that you must maintain an adequate weight for love of yourself.
  • Maintain your social life through current technological resources. Fortunately today there are social networks, smartphones and various apps that help you communicate with friends and family. Although personal contact is warmer, online communication represents a great help to know about our loved ones.
  • Meditation successfully combats CABIN FEVER. This mental exercise calms the mind and connects you with the present time. Meditation allows you to take a safe distance from problems and allows you to find a solution to what is troubling you. You can find guided meditations online that are easy to follow. Start meditating five minutes a day. As the days go by you can increase the amount of time.
  • Encourage yourself to learn a new skill. All skills are valid and interesting: dancing, knitting, cooking, singing, etc. Learning something new will stimulate your mind and you will gain self-confidence.