This Pandemic and The Type A Personality

Type A Personality: Ideas for dealing with the current pandemic

The pandemic caused by the emergence of Covid-19 has negatively affected each of us. Logically, this global health tragedy influences each of us differently, depending on the pattern of behavior we follow.

TYPE A PERSONALITY is a behavior pattern followed by individuals who are competitive, ambitious, and highly committed to work. In challenging circumstances they are impatient, anxious and hostile to others. They are perfectionists, workaholics, and get annoyed when interrupted while performing their tasks.

The most important thing for them is success. Obviously the pandemic and the new working from home norm have hurt many Type A personality individuals in many ways.


The “new normal” imposed by the pandemic has psychologically battered those who possess the TYPE A Personality.

The Type A person generally are impatient and hate the unexpected. The current pandemic is characterized by waiting for solutions, total uncertainty and temporary suspension of many activities. Those who follow this behavior pattern, tend to live in a hurry and do not want any external factors or factors outside of their immediate control – to spoil their plans. Worst of all, they are also fatalistic, and sometimes tend to think the worst.

This type of person live thinking about their mistakes. The mass media has exacerbated the negative aspect of the pandemic, which makes those with this personality feel worse. This can indeed be traumatizing for the type A personality.

Coping with reality

Individuals with TYPE A Personality must make a great personal effort to cope with the current pandemic. They must with immediacy practice various strategies to maintain their psychological balance. If you have this type of personality, or know someone within your circles with the Type A Personality can follow a few of the following suggestions.

  • Do deep breathing exercises
  • Meditate
  • Take a walk
  • Sleep well
  • Adopt a pet
  • Eating healthy
  • Avoid tobacco, alcohol and harmful substances and similar stimulants
  • Do stretching exercises, as they release accumulated tensions
  • Continue to take the regular preventive measures of Covid-19.
  • Connect online with spiritual/religious community organizations.
  • Start online psychotherapy if you feel it is necessary.
  • Chat online with your friends and family, use social networking sites

Dealing with a new working reality

The new norm of working from home has taken hold around the world. Many persons with TYPE A Personality can cope with some aspects of this context, while finding others difficult. First of all they like to work alone and not be disturbed. Therefore social isolation does not make them suffer.

The problem is that being forced to stay at home and work may delay certain situations that they want to resolve now. Or this has also put some added pressure of depending on other persons who are also working remotely.

Fortunately many measures to cope with the pandemic can also be found online: psychotherapy, meditation, chatting with family members, etc. The key is to work on managing the distress you feel to overcome it. These few tips should jump start managing with a Type A Personality.