Surviving Alopecia

Every Girl’s Nightmare in Today’s World

A girl’s shiny locks are her crowning glory. Brushing and caring for your beautiful, healthy bob forms a major part of every fashion-wise lady’s beauty routine and nothing can you make you feel as good or transform your appearance more quickly than a brand new hairstyle. But what can you do if you are struck down by the horror of alopecia?

Losing your hair is every girl’s nightmare. Strands then chunks can simply fall out leaving nothing behind but a thinning barnet and even spots of bare scalp. Even worse, sometimes the effects are irreversible. But don’t despair! We’ve found a selection of ways to help you survive even the worst cases of alopecia to keep you glowing and confident every day.

Keep Up Appearances

Even if your hair is thinning, there are still plenty of other ways to make yourself look as alluring as ever. Make-up, clothing, and accessories can all make you look and feel amazing. Better still, hats never go out of fashion. By concentrating on large costume jewelry pieces and the right clothing you will find that everyone’s eyes are drawn away from your hair to your best features instead.

Wig It

There are some amazing, natural looking wigs out there these days, and better still, you could be able to style the back of your head without assistance! A range of wigs can mean you can change your style as often as you like and you could even get your hair done without being in the room.

Go Bald

Why not embrace your baldness and go out without disguising your head? Some girls look stunning with very little hair and a short crew cut can really make chiseled cheekbones stand out and create a sexy look.

The main thing to remember here, girls, is that you are not defined by your hair. Whatever your survival strategy, all you need to do is get out there with a confident smile and live your best life,