Best Hair Cut Option For A Round Face

Literally, round faces are not easy to style. Regardless of the action, you take on your hair, and the main objective is usually to conceal the cheeks. This doesn’t create a leeway for you to keep experimenting with various styles. Many ladies with round faces have expressed discontent over their faces because they feel that they make them look like little kids instead of a sexy lady that they always crave for. If you have a round face, don’t worry because there are plenty of styles that can embellish your appearance.

Read the article to discover the ideal haircut when you have a round face. 

Low Hair – Tom Boy

Sometimes as women we think that a low hair style may tend to make us look masculine, however, there is beauty in having that low haircut as well. In fact, having a chat with some guys – they say it makes a woman look sexy too! Of course the low hair cut may not fit some of our personalities but guess what! It is easy to work with, as for example, late for an event or going somewhere a, simple moisturizer and a quick rub through, and that’s it.


We are all aware by now, the ideal haircut for a round face is one that enhances height and has an enlarging implication on your face. Fauxhawk is a proven flattering hairstyle for round faces and works better when combined with a bit of hair gel and comb. 

Voluminous Waves

This is another flattering hairstyle that is set to transform your round face into a bombshell. By opting for a wavy style coupled with oodles of volume, you will be able to hide most of your cheeks. When split at the center, the dent of your waves will fall superbly at your cheekbones and modify the silhouette of your face.

Therefore, this is another amazing hairstyle for persons with rounded faces. 

Sleek Straight Long Hair

Having a round face does not restrict you to a few hairstyles because there are plenty of them to enhance your appearance. 

Another awesome hairstyle that you can give a try is sleek straight long hair. This hairstyle shapes the face without increasing the volume. And because a round face is short of face, choosing to wear long hair in a sleek and undeviating way is a perfect choice. It deceives the eye by setting the hallucination of definition and length. On top of that, this hairstyle is exceptional for perfectly textured hair.

This is due to its capacity to swing, and you can always increase volume at the crown through teasing and shaping. 

Long Hair with Fringe

Are you discontented with layering? If so, no problem, as you can switch to a fringe, another ideal hairstyle option for a round face. However, you should not opt for a short blunt fringe as it only focuses on the face’s roundness. A lengthy fringe will look impressive and befit fine hair. For those with thicker hair, a long fringe that you can sweep to the side will elongate your face. 

Curly Hair

Having a round face does not mean that the only thing you can do is to conceal it with your hair. There are a plethora of styles that can embellish your face without concealing its roundness. When you opt for layering, settle for the triangle layers’ haircut. Another ideal option for a round face hairstyle is choppy layers via the back and bottom of your hair. 

Soft curls are another great hairstyle option for a round face, provided they are below the chin line. Curly hair seems somewhat weighty, and if left short, it can add volume to the face. 

Therefore, if you are passionate about doing away with the baby’s face and look like the sexy woman you have dreamt of, then try out the hairstyles above.

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