Some Makeup Mistakes From A Man’s Perspective

Are You Making These Makeup Mistakes – A Man s Perspective

Written by: Ngareone

We have all seen women who plaster on tons of makeup, eyeliner and the ruby red lipstick. But, is this what men see attractive in women or are some women fooling themselves?

Interestingly enough some say makeup really shouldn’t be worn until a woman reaches the age of 40. So, this leads us with a question.

When is makeup necessary and when is it just too over-the-top?

To take this topic a step further, what do men like when it comes to makeup for women and when is does it become a makeup mistake? Men tend to have varied responses when asked what they find appealing when it comes to women’s makeup.

While some men like the all-natural look, others tend to like women who primarily use makeup sparingly. Lots, if not most men, like their women to wear makeup based on the occasion.

For instance, for during the daytime, men find women who wear makeup that accents their clothing and environment to be attractive.

However, for the beach or something more casual, men choose the all-natural or makeup that is fitting. With this said, it really is varied as to what men like when it comes to makeup on women.

What Men Do NOT Like – and a Solution …

Sometimes less is more…Remember that overdoing it on the foundation is not the key to solving blemishes. Your skin still need to breathe. Using a light moisturizer should fix that.

While that does not tell you what men look for in makeup, it does possibly give you some insight as what NOT to do to cover up any unsightly blemishes.

Advice For the Guys Reading This …

If you’re a guy, there are a few things that you should not do when it comes to commenting on a woman’s makeup. While women like to be told and need to be told the truth, sometimes it is best to go easy on the critiques.

So, some guy advice here … don’t come right out and say to your female co- worker, friend or god-forbid, your wife, that she looks like Pennywise the Clown. This could easily put you in the dog house for quite a long time!

Surprisingly or not, men generally seem to favor the all- natural look in women the most. This is from one of our more informal surveys among our subscribers. This isn’t to say all men like women with no makeup or just that dab of blush, in fact there are many men who like makeup on a woman.

Some of the favorites included, smoky eyes, light eyes and light on the lipstick lips. There are also those (if your living in the 80’s still) that still dig on the rocker chic eyes. Probably second on the list of makeup men favor for women.

So, take a good look in the mirror to honestly evaluate yourself. Do you like what you see? Or do you need to devote a little more time to your makeup? Ask your best friend for an unbiased opinion. Better yet, ask your significant other if you have one.

You might be pleasantly surprised at what a few small changes can accomplish.