Shilajet Resin – Have You Tried It?

Shilajet Resin: What you need to know

The oriental culture originating from India brings new ideas to improve various aspects of health. For a few years, the intake of SHILAJET Resin, a moss used in Ayurvedic alternative medicine, has become fashionable. SHILAJET, also called mineral pitch, is a sticky black moss that grows in the high mountains of Asia.

This resin is then transformed into a nutritional supplement designed to improve the vitality and energy level of each individual. The Shilajet is taken as a nutritional supplement through powder or capsules. This mineral pitch is taken once or twice a day, every day.

Benefits for women taking Shilajet

There are some benefits to using shilajet and here we take a look for benefits in women.

  • DELAYS THE AGING PROCESS: various studies affirm that SHILAJET Resin contains fulvic acid which has antioxidant virtues. This acid reduces the action of free radicals and stops cellular aging. This quality is reflected in smooth, silky and wrinkle-free skin.
  • POWER PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: The intake of this resin helps to activate processes in the body, which also enable the muscles to carry out a fitness routine more effectively. The muscles gain more strength and tire much less. In the short term a considerable weight loss is generated.
  • FIGHTS CHRONIC FATIGUE: This fatigue affects more women than men. The intake of Shilajet resin, combats extreme tiredness, insomnia and other sleep disorders. Women who take Shilajet feel more active and energetic during the day. At night they also tend to get a good rest.
  • FIGHTS ACUTE MOUNTAIN SICKNESS: This is a physical disorder that is generated due to low atmospheric pressure. The Shilajet contains a large enough amount of minerals that act to fight the symptoms of this disorder: It also help combat – Hypoxia, Insomnia, Fatigue, Dementia, Dizziness and various body aches.
  • SUCCESSFULLY COMBATS STRESS, ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION: Because the Shilajet helps increase energy levels and vitality in general, various studies claim that this mineral pitch benefits our mental health. Persons suffering from stress, depression and anxiety especially in these kinds of times, have also taken some shilajet to calm their nervous energy. Tending to feel a little more in harmony. This resin has helped them feel at peace with themselves, in addition to feeling an increase in their willpower to carry out a daily routine.

Our Take Away

Taking Shilajet benefits our health in various aspects. It is worth a medical consultation to get more advice on the further uses, and benefits especially in women. An important benefit of taken the Shilajet is that it improves cardiovascular health in both genders. This mineral pitch has so many nutrients that it can positively influence the functioning of the heart, improving the cognitive performance of the brain and the body in general.