Feng Shui: What You May Need To Know

FENG SHUI – Is a Chinese philosophical system that studies the flow of energy within a given place. The goal is to achieve a positive and harmonic energy for those who inhabit that place to feel satisfied. The experts in Feng Shui assure that those who follow the rules of this technique achieve a good quality of life.

This discipline seeks to improve architecture, interior design, decoration and the environment where the individual develops. This knowledge can be applied to a house, apartment, office, factory, garden etc.

FENG SHUI literally means “wind and water” in Chinese, as this system originally studied climatic changes.

Our Home

FENG SHUI applied to our home environment has as its goal that we are balanced, in good spirits and full of positive energy. To begin with, our house must be clean, tidy, with only necessary elements. A house overloaded with unnecessary objects impedes the flow of positive energy. The living room should be spacious, well lighted, airy, without mirrors on the door because it lets positive energy go.

The most suitable decorative objects are flowers, candles and family photos. The good atmosphere of the living room promotes the mental well-being of each member of the family.


The kitchen is the center of the home. A well-set kitchen is conducive to the wealth and prosperity of a family. To begin with, this room should be located near the main door of the house, but the interior should not be seen. The kitchen should have its own door, as FENG SHUI states that the energies of the different rooms should not mix. This room should always be clean and tidy. It should contain only the necessary elements. In this way your life will be harmonious, creative and successful.

The colors that create a good atmosphere in the kitchen are yellow, green and orange. The colors to avoid are black and white.


Basically our bedroom should always be clean, tidy, with no unnecessary objects, no electronic devices such as notebooks, cell phones or tablets. TVs should never be inside the bedroom. You can only have one mirror inside this room, which should never be in front of your bed. For a good flow of positive energy, neutral and light colours should predominate in your bedroom.

If you follow these FENG SHUI principles your emotional life will always be harmonious.

What You Can Do

To facilitate the application of FENG SHUI in your home you should start by cleaning your house thoroughly. Removing everything that you do not use or that is broken and then tidying up the rest. After that you can focus on the location of the furniture and the most convenient decoration.